Wednesday, May 03, 2017

new chapter

well hello there

If you have been following my blog since very beginning (2011 I think?) you would think 'oh here we go again'. And you know, you would be right. We indeed do.
After quitting blogging for third time (I'm laughing at myself by the way) I still caught myself taking pictures of my daily life and outfits and it was weird, because why would I need those if I'm not blogging anymore? And I don't know, I still missed it, even though I kept telling myself it's not for me, my life's too boring etc etc. But this time I come back with bigger vision, with clearer plan. My blog gonna stay the same - lifestyle, beauty, fashion and bits of interior design (since I'm working with it, I think I should share something about it after all). I won't do monthly memories anymore, but I will make weekly posts about my week (with more text this time). I still will share my outfits from time to time, I'll share beauty tips with cheaper than luxury brands' cosmetic (because I personally find it annoying, why should I be interested in Dior mascara review if I will never buy it myself because of ridiculous price?) and maybe some pieces of my personal life. 
And I'm pretty sure some of you think - omg, why doesn't this girl just quit, been blogging for six years and still nobody knows her. Well, I can answer you why. I didn't have any constant content. In the very beginning I did blogged more and got more attention. After getting little bit too mentally exhausted I quit and when I come back I blogged like once a month. Who would be popular with monthly memories posts with food pics. I didn't do anything to be popular. I just blogged because it felt like my job. It felt like some sort of duty - I drove to sea side - I need to blog it. I personally feel like my posts were forced, no heart, no thought. I don't know how things will turn out now, but I'll try, I'll try something different. 
And you know, afterall I can just quit again, so why not.

Two of my friends kept telling me to blog again, so I guess this goes to them as well. And two friends asked for vlogging channel, well, this is not happening, sorry :D

So I guess this is it. Welcome to my new chapter, hopefully good one.
See you soon x

ps my theme is still under constructions, it was too hard to find a theme I want, so I'm trying to make it myself. If you see some bugs, please, write me. 
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