Monday, May 15, 2017

last week | week 2

Thought of the week: I feel like this week was most about eurovision and I won't feel bad talking about it. I personally didn't like Portugal's song, mostly because I didn't understand shit and I always felt like eurovision should be fireworks - funny, catchy song, dancers, love, happiness etc etc. I wonder how many people can actually sing along to that song. I mean, yes, it was beautiful, but just not eurovision-enough. At least this is how I feel. I loved his message though, that these days there are too much fast music and I feel like people should sing more about feelings, not total nonsense, but at the same time, music is about expressing yourself and if singing about butts, drugs and sex is expressing yourself - I think it's fine. 

^ my new favorite snack // trying out clothes, only one bought from six

Week’s ups: going to cinema, eurovision, going on a road trip to BirÅ¡tonas and another warm weekend. I think the begging of the week was more down, but on Friday things started to be a bit better. I had to work after hours on Thursday and I thought my boss won't remember and let me go earlier on Friday, but he actually called our college and told her to let me go, it was funny moment how she hanged up, looked at me and told me "he told me to let you go, so go" and it felt more like banishing than letting go, so we just laughed at it and I went away earlier, so good start of the weekend :)
Week’s downs: last weekend I got bitten by some sort of bug (I still don't know who it was) and had itchy spot, which hurt and made my ankle double the size... Good thing it's almost gone now. And also I've been having terrible headache pains, starting Thursday I think, I got terrible migraine pain with nausea and shit, it took 3 hours for pill to work, then on Friday I got terrible cramps, but managed not to take any pain killers and on Saturday I once again had headache, this time took pain killers, even though it still hurt a bit for the entire day. I think it might be allergies pain, but I don't know. I'm using drugs for hay fever, so hopefully it will go away. Oh, and by the way, we had snow on Monday.

^ it looked so great - trees with blossoms and snow on the ground.

Song of the week: I guess the entire eurovision playlist. My favorites were Norway, Macedonia, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Australia.

^ lacquering my nails on the sofa - great idea right. That nail polish just went everywhere, luckily I didn't get it on sofa and my computer washed off easily.. But this is how my manicure turned out - light purple, pink and silver glitter. I'm still getting used to it, since I'm neutrals/dark colors person...

Obsession of the week: Fooooood. I've been eating like crazy - pizza two times in a row, candies, ice cream, I have no idea what was going on. I need to start eating healthier now, I realized I don't eat much fruit or vegetables anymore, need to keep it up!

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