Tuesday, May 09, 2017

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Thought of the week: Don't get too attached to people you meet online. And especially on those dating sites. I'm not talking about me directly, but from my experience, maybe only one person I've met on tinder deleted it and didn't download it back. And like maybe three other never deleted it. I've told myself 'no internet dating' long time ago and I definitely won't meet anyone on internet ever again, but I just feel sorry for those girls, who have hopes for guys they meet on tinder, badoo or any other app they have. I have few examples how people met there and still dates, but I think they are incredibly lucky. Long time ago I watched those weird dating tips vlogs on youtube and even though they are just cliche, but some things just got too real to me, like 'why do you think you are so special that guy who met you on tinder (for example) stopped talking with other thousand girls and talks with only you'. Just don't be so naive. Even though it's age of internet and social networks and online dating, people still meet in real life.

Week’s ups: Finally hot weekend when you can wear short sleeves and feel fine. Even though I still was little cold, but I guess it's just me. And spending weekend in my summer house is always a good thing!
Week’s downs: Nervous breakdowns, old problems and learning a lot about people around me. Oh and also allergies, welcome back. Spent almost 16€ on meds for hay fever, not sure if it will help, just let me say, allergies suck...

Song of the week: Maybe Terror Jr's Pray. I've been listening to it a lot even though it doesn't make sense, but just too catchy.
Person of the week: My mom <33
Obsession of the week: I once again started learning Spanish, but this time I'm talking it to the next level - watching Spanish telenovelas with English subtitles haha I got this idea from Skam actually, because I realized I understand some Norwegian and it's all because I watch Skam in Norwegian with English subtitles. Fingers crossed for Spanish!
^don't worry, I don't break trees, it's completely artificial

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