Sunday, May 14, 2017

i finally got you

hello sunday!
Today I wanted finally share one of the most excited things I've recently bought myself. I actually thought this is the most excited one, but just remember another one (which you can guess from quality of my photos :)) Buut, let's talk shoes this time. I've been wanting new balance shoes for maybe two years now, but there was always something stopping me - either wrong color, wrong size or just thought of spending so much money while I wasn't working and gaining my own money. But this time nothing was stopping me and well, here we go. 

So this is new balance 373 shoes in blue/coral. I bought them on Lithuanian internet store, so if you're interested - message me, I'll give you the link :) It was actually a bit messed up story. I found them on one store - maybe 15 euros cheaper, but my internet connection was slow, so I just decided to buy them the other day. The other day came and I went to buy them and guess what..there was no my size left. You have no clue how mad I was! But I just find another store, little more expensive, but still, I wanted them so much that I didn't mind. Another thing was a little frightful that I order them on Thursday I think and Monday was celebration day here in Lithuania, so I though I will have to wait for them for 4 days... buuut, to my surprise, I got text on Saturday that they came for me! Like for real! 100 points to the store!

I have wore them everyday for a week now, so I can honestly tell you - they are worth the money. Comfy, stylish, just a-ma-zing!

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