Friday, May 19, 2017

warm days

hello, friday!
It's finally warm outside! Today I still took my leather jacket with me, but I feel like it was a bad idea, because it will definitely be hot when I'll have to leave work. But anyway, good thing I don't have to wear two sweaters and scarf anymore, been kind of sick of this cold weather. 
Today I'm sharing photos from one of the weekends - my outfit, donuts and hot drinks. Been loving those natural teas (especially black currant/mint taste). And now I'm going back to work and hope you're having a great friday!
See you soon! x

hoodie, jeans - new yorker // shoes - new balance // bag, sunglasses - local store

Monday, May 15, 2017

last week | week 2

Thought of the week: I feel like this week was most about eurovision and I won't feel bad talking about it. I personally didn't like Portugal's song, mostly because I didn't understand shit and I always felt like eurovision should be fireworks - funny, catchy song, dancers, love, happiness etc etc. I wonder how many people can actually sing along to that song. I mean, yes, it was beautiful, but just not eurovision-enough. At least this is how I feel. I loved his message though, that these days there are too much fast music and I feel like people should sing more about feelings, not total nonsense, but at the same time, music is about expressing yourself and if singing about butts, drugs and sex is expressing yourself - I think it's fine. 

^ my new favorite snack // trying out clothes, only one bought from six

Week’s ups: going to cinema, eurovision, going on a road trip to Bir┼ítonas and another warm weekend. I think the begging of the week was more down, but on Friday things started to be a bit better. I had to work after hours on Thursday and I thought my boss won't remember and let me go earlier on Friday, but he actually called our college and told her to let me go, it was funny moment how she hanged up, looked at me and told me "he told me to let you go, so go" and it felt more like banishing than letting go, so we just laughed at it and I went away earlier, so good start of the weekend :)
Week’s downs: last weekend I got bitten by some sort of bug (I still don't know who it was) and had itchy spot, which hurt and made my ankle double the size... Good thing it's almost gone now. And also I've been having terrible headache pains, starting Thursday I think, I got terrible migraine pain with nausea and shit, it took 3 hours for pill to work, then on Friday I got terrible cramps, but managed not to take any pain killers and on Saturday I once again had headache, this time took pain killers, even though it still hurt a bit for the entire day. I think it might be allergies pain, but I don't know. I'm using drugs for hay fever, so hopefully it will go away. Oh, and by the way, we had snow on Monday.

^ it looked so great - trees with blossoms and snow on the ground.

Song of the week: I guess the entire eurovision playlist. My favorites were Norway, Macedonia, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Australia.

^ lacquering my nails on the sofa - great idea right. That nail polish just went everywhere, luckily I didn't get it on sofa and my computer washed off easily.. But this is how my manicure turned out - light purple, pink and silver glitter. I'm still getting used to it, since I'm neutrals/dark colors person...

Obsession of the week: Fooooood. I've been eating like crazy - pizza two times in a row, candies, ice cream, I have no idea what was going on. I need to start eating healthier now, I realized I don't eat much fruit or vegetables anymore, need to keep it up!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

i finally got you

hello sunday!
Today I wanted finally share one of the most excited things I've recently bought myself. I actually thought this is the most excited one, but just remember another one (which you can guess from quality of my photos :)) Buut, let's talk shoes this time. I've been wanting new balance shoes for maybe two years now, but there was always something stopping me - either wrong color, wrong size or just thought of spending so much money while I wasn't working and gaining my own money. But this time nothing was stopping me and well, here we go. 

So this is new balance 373 shoes in blue/coral. I bought them on Lithuanian internet store, so if you're interested - message me, I'll give you the link :) It was actually a bit messed up story. I found them on one store - maybe 15 euros cheaper, but my internet connection was slow, so I just decided to buy them the other day. The other day came and I went to buy them and guess what..there was no my size left. You have no clue how mad I was! But I just find another store, little more expensive, but still, I wanted them so much that I didn't mind. Another thing was a little frightful that I order them on Thursday I think and Monday was celebration day here in Lithuania, so I though I will have to wait for them for 4 days... buuut, to my surprise, I got text on Saturday that they came for me! Like for real! 100 points to the store!

I have wore them everyday for a week now, so I can honestly tell you - they are worth the money. Comfy, stylish, just a-ma-zing!

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

last week | week 1

Thought of the week: Don't get too attached to people you meet online. And especially on those dating sites. I'm not talking about me directly, but from my experience, maybe only one person I've met on tinder deleted it and didn't download it back. And like maybe three other never deleted it. I've told myself 'no internet dating' long time ago and I definitely won't meet anyone on internet ever again, but I just feel sorry for those girls, who have hopes for guys they meet on tinder, badoo or any other app they have. I have few examples how people met there and still dates, but I think they are incredibly lucky. Long time ago I watched those weird dating tips vlogs on youtube and even though they are just cliche, but some things just got too real to me, like 'why do you think you are so special that guy who met you on tinder (for example) stopped talking with other thousand girls and talks with only you'. Just don't be so naive. Even though it's age of internet and social networks and online dating, people still meet in real life.

Week’s ups: Finally hot weekend when you can wear short sleeves and feel fine. Even though I still was little cold, but I guess it's just me. And spending weekend in my summer house is always a good thing!
Week’s downs: Nervous breakdowns, old problems and learning a lot about people around me. Oh and also allergies, welcome back. Spent almost 16€ on meds for hay fever, not sure if it will help, just let me say, allergies suck...

Song of the week: Maybe Terror Jr's Pray. I've been listening to it a lot even though it doesn't make sense, but just too catchy.
Person of the week: My mom <33
Obsession of the week: I once again started learning Spanish, but this time I'm talking it to the next level - watching Spanish telenovelas with English subtitles haha I got this idea from Skam actually, because I realized I understand some Norwegian and it's all because I watch Skam in Norwegian with English subtitles. Fingers crossed for Spanish!
^don't worry, I don't break trees, it's completely artificial

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

new chapter

well hello there

If you have been following my blog since very beginning (2011 I think?) you would think 'oh here we go again'. And you know, you would be right. We indeed do.
After quitting blogging for third time (I'm laughing at myself by the way) I still caught myself taking pictures of my daily life and outfits and it was weird, because why would I need those if I'm not blogging anymore? And I don't know, I still missed it, even though I kept telling myself it's not for me, my life's too boring etc etc. But this time I come back with bigger vision, with clearer plan. My blog gonna stay the same - lifestyle, beauty, fashion and bits of interior design (since I'm working with it, I think I should share something about it after all). I won't do monthly memories anymore, but I will make weekly posts about my week (with more text this time). I still will share my outfits from time to time, I'll share beauty tips with cheaper than luxury brands' cosmetic (because I personally find it annoying, why should I be interested in Dior mascara review if I will never buy it myself because of ridiculous price?) and maybe some pieces of my personal life. 
And I'm pretty sure some of you think - omg, why doesn't this girl just quit, been blogging for six years and still nobody knows her. Well, I can answer you why. I didn't have any constant content. In the very beginning I did blogged more and got more attention. After getting little bit too mentally exhausted I quit and when I come back I blogged like once a month. Who would be popular with monthly memories posts with food pics. I didn't do anything to be popular. I just blogged because it felt like my job. It felt like some sort of duty - I drove to sea side - I need to blog it. I personally feel like my posts were forced, no heart, no thought. I don't know how things will turn out now, but I'll try, I'll try something different. 
And you know, afterall I can just quit again, so why not.

Two of my friends kept telling me to blog again, so I guess this goes to them as well. And two friends asked for vlogging channel, well, this is not happening, sorry :D

So I guess this is it. Welcome to my new chapter, hopefully good one.
See you soon x

ps my theme is still under constructions, it was too hard to find a theme I want, so I'm trying to make it myself. If you see some bugs, please, write me. 
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