Monday, December 12, 2016

weekend getaway

well hello there!
How are you today? I've been super busy (well, what's new) and finally made myself some time to write this. Last week I had tiny weekend getaway to Lithuanian sea side. I've never been to any sea during winter time, it was nice experience! I stayed at hotel and also visited SPA centre - salt room, sauna, jacuzzi, well all things like that. It was relaxation needed for sure, I wish I could do this every weekend haha. The only bad thing was bad weather, well it's nice to watch snow falling down, but not so nice to be in the snow storm with temperature deep down below zero.

We took old roadway (I'm not sure how it's actually called), not the new fancy Kaunas - Klaipėda one. I think it was waay more beautiful even though it was too cold to stop to do some sightseeing

These are my favorite snack, recommending! I like them waaay more than normal potatoes chips and honestly could eat only these.

This is Žuvitakio slėnis in Viešvilė. Def recommend to visit if you're in Lithuania

This is how the room I stayed in looked like. It was typical simple hotel room w double bed, bathroom and balcony. Nothing too fancy, but comfy enough

Palanga's Christmas tree in city hall (I think). It was the weekend they lit it out, so there were plenty of people in the city. I honestly thought nobody visits Palanga in winter time, I was wrong!

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Some sea imagery. It was so nice and weird at the same time to walk along the sea in the snow.

So as I said before, it was needed and enjoyed relaxation. Hopefully I'll do this again one day :) 
I hope you're having a good day,
See you soon! x

ps As you may see I've changed my blog's theme. I needed this change to make myself blog more, even though I'm still not really happy by the way it looks. Well, hopefully I'll fix it soon, but until then I'm waiting for your response if you like new or old theme better? :)
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