Monday, December 19, 2016

recent haul // beauty edition

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Here I am again with another haul post. This time it's only beauty related, no clothes or other stuff. Since I've tried most of these things I'll write short reviews/my opinion. Here we go!

nivea rich nourishing body moisturizer // drogas
sun ozon self tanner for normal and dark skin // gifted
sun ozon self tanner for light skin // gifted

After using Nivea's body moisturizer and finding out it's my favorite I wanted to buy same one again. Too bad I didn't find it in store, so I bought one which I thought gonna be similar (or same one, just different packaging), buut unfortunately, it's not the same. The last one I had was for very dry skin, while this one if for dry to very dry. And I feel like old one had better consistency, while this one is more creamy and harder to dry. Buut, overall it's not bad, my skin likes it, so I can't say many bad things.
I used to love self tanners when I was younger, now it's just taking too much time and effort. I got these and only tried lighter one, because I'm pretty pale and thought dark one would be way too dark. But, light one honestly didn't make much change. I might try darker one someday soon, just when I have enough time to pamper myself (probably in spring or something).

uogauoga laimės puokštė natural shampoo // uogauoga
belkosmex herbs&spices hair conditioner // eurokos
batiste original dry shampoo // maxima

I have tried UogaUoga shampoo only once, so don't have strong opinion, only that it doesn't lather much (well, it's organic maybe because of that) but I'm so not used to this, so hard to know if it's cleaning, did I put enough product etc etc. I'll try to use it more and maybe see it then.
This conditioner has herbs and spices in it (well, package says it all) and it should make your hair grow faster. I'm not sure how actually this should work since I only put it in ends, not roots, but I might have seen slight change in my hair growth. The only bad thing is that I can't find (well, this one is the same) conditioner which would make my hair less static.
After buying my first original Batiste dry shampoo and loving it I thought another bottle would work too. And after buying different range one and finding out it's not working I thought only original does its' work. Apparently I was wrong. I guess my hair was different or shampoo somehow was better, I don't know, but this one doesn't do any work. My hair still greasy even if I do the same routine I used to do.

margarita make-up removal wipes // maxima
uogauoga gėlių laukai face wash // uogauoga
uogauoga rožių žydėjimas face cream // uogauoga
uogauoga oranžinis debesėlis face cream // uogauoga

When it comes to make up removing I usually use micellar water, but since I'm not staying at home every day I found make up removing wipes to come in handy. But I'm not sure how I feel about these ones, they do remove make up, but my eyes hurts a bit after removing. Even though I always wash my face afterwards, but after using these there's no way I could leave it unwashed.
From UogaUoga products I've only tried orange one cream, it was okay, I'm not big fan of the smell, but it's organic so it's not a surprise. And another bad thing - these products expire pretty fast, well, once again, it's organic.

essential care mascara // livinn
rimmel scandaleyes mascara // drogas
manhattan endless stay lip tint (color 94x true red) // prisma
maybelline vivid matte liquid (color 50 nude thrill) // maxima
sincero salon matte nail polish (color m12) // iki
golden rose matte top coat // prisma
belaton colorie nail polish (color 628) // eurokos

When it comes to make up, well, yeah, I might get lost a bit. I bought two new mascaras - Essential care one is ecological and gives your lashes more natural look while Rimmel one gives more dramatic, big, long black lashes look. I actually like them both.
I've always wondered would bright red lip fit me and I honestly thought this lip tint is that color, but I feel like it's a little bit darker red one. I bought it mostly because it was cheap (Manhattan discount), buut even though color is nice, it stays on lip for long..too long. I couldn't even remove it with make up remover, it could stay there forever. So ones might find it as pro, but I find it as con. 
I wanted nude matt lipstick for quite a long time now and had find some options, but one was too expensive, for another I wasn't sure.. And I'm still not sure about this one, because it's not actually matt. But I loved this color too much, so why not...
Sincero matt nail polish - nice color, but terrible consistency after applying; Belaton perfect olive green color nail polish - love love love and product I'm mostly happy about - this matt top coat and me finally having all of my nail polishes in matt shade haha


This is mascara's brushes - top one is Essential one and bottom - Rimmel. You can see that Essential one is smaller and more simpler one, while Rimmel is the one for dramatic look. But both of them is easy to work and apply with.


And here's how lip tints'/liquids' colors look like. And honestly, that red one stayed for few days after trying to remove it..

So there it is, my recent beauty haul. I have really bad habit of writing these posts for so long that I buy new I think there will be another haul post pretty soon... But until then, have a good rest of the day! x
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