Thursday, November 10, 2016

i wish for...

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1.  Nude/brown matte lipgloss. I though I'll buy Maybelline Vivid Matte one, but it's just not matte enough for me. I also found some similar Maybelline lipstick, but still deciding.. And of course I tried Bonjours lipglosses...oh dear god why, now I want them badly, but they're so expensive :((
2. Dark purplish grey nail polish. I'm seeing this color everywhere and I really really want nail polish like that. I couldn't find it yet though, all colors are either too light or not greyish enough.
3. New phone. I'm choosing between LG K10, Sony Xperia XA and Iphone 6. I though I'll finally buy myself Iphone, but seriously, why do people have Iphones with this low battery life? And I can't pick between the other two, so still deciding...
4. Curling iron. I think I wanted this before then stopped and now this wish came back. I just really like my hair curly while my hair naturally is straight. I'm still learning how to curl it with straightener, but I think curling iron would be better and faster way.
5. Bralettes. I mean, have you seen them? Been dreaming about buying few, just too bad all the nicest ones are online and I'm not down for buying underwear online.
6. (Fake) Fur west. I thought they were out of fashion, buut I've seen some in stores and also one of my coworkers wore one and I just realized, yes, I need one myself.
7. Long sleeved body con dress. I think I was rambling about them since summer, it's the season!
8. A car. I wasn't sure if it's right for my blog wish list, but god damn, I not only want a car, but I really need it. I'm looking for Toyota Auris, hopefully I'll save enough money soon...
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