Tuesday, November 15, 2016

happy birthday to me

oh hello there
I wasn't sure if I really wanted to write this post, but oh well, I've turned 23 today! It's not everyday you're turning 23 right. 
So this day started by cake at work and I have no clue what else going to happen at the evening, but I really hope no more cake, because I just over-ate it. One time in a year is actually enough...and I have two more birthdays this month. I mean not mine, but with huge possibility to eat another cake. 
It would be too hard to review this year, there was good and there was bad, I managed to do a lot of things I've wanted, I've met a lot of important people to me and I've completely lost touch with some, I've made some of my dreams come true and had some shattered to pieces. I'm not making any resolutions, I'm leaving this for new years, now I have only one goal - make more of my dreams come true.
I'll probably add more pics from this day to my november memories.
Now I'm back to work, see you soon! x

Monday, November 14, 2016

summer memories // pt. 2 - Barcelona

good day
Today, when it's actually snow snow and nothing but the snow outside I found some time to share one of the brightest highlights of my last summer - trip to Barcelona. I had "visiting Spain" in my bucketlist, so one thing less!
If talking more about the trip, I was traveling with my family and we were traveling on our own - no traveling agencies, nothing. We booked all - plane tickets, hotel, museums tickets on our own. And even though we had all time to ourselves, like no rush, we can do anything WE want, but I think if I was visiting some new place (especially like Barcelona) I'd probably rather have some professional guidance with me. And also, another tip - book some meal plans, because it was huuuge headache every single time we needed to choose a place to eat.

bDSC_7445 bDSC_7448

Talking about accommodation - we lived in Badalona, around 12 km from Barcelona. We chose this city because it was near sea, our hotel was at the sea side. We used trains and metro to travel everywhere, it's actually great deal with their train cards. 

bDSC_6872 bDSC_6879 bDSC_6900 bDSC_6911 bDSC_6966 bDSC_6973 bDSC_7001 bDSC_7011

One of the hardest thing for us was the fact, that Spanish people don't talk english. They don't even understand it. We had problems at train stations few times and got sent from one officer to another... I mean it was fine at the end, but if you're planing to visit Barcelona I recommend to know main things and not in Spanish, but in Catalonian, because also, not every of them speaks Spanish. I personally know some spanish and there were one funny moment when I needed some help at train station, I went to talk to this help lady and she was talking spanish with me while I was talking english and just out of nowhere I said one sentence in spanish and she got all mad like "you told me you don't speak spanish" haha 

bDSC_7026 bDSC_7029 bDSC_7050 bDSC_7081 bDSC_7091 bDSC_7119 bDSC_7124

If talking about prices, Spain is pretty expensive country, well comparing to prices at Lithuania. Buut, I still managed to buy myself some clothes, I just couldn't walk past H&M and Stradivarius. But food in both restaurants and food stores are definitely more expensive. 

bDSC_7186 bDSC_7197 bDSC_7201 bDSC_7209

Even though we went there on July, it wasn't even that hot. I mean it was hot enough to drink tons of water, but I really though Spain in summer would be hotter. We didn't even swam in sea that much, because water wasn't warm enough. But of course I managed to get burned, it was painful as hell.

bDSC_7217 bDSC_7272 bDSC_7287 bDSC_7325 bDSC_7390 bDSC_7394 bDSC_7430

Overall, I loved being there and I'm really happy I've visited Spain. I'm not sure if I will ever visit Barcelona again, but I would love to visit more cities of Spain someday. 
I hope you liked this post :) 
Have you ever been to Barcelona? What you liked the most? :) x

Thursday, November 10, 2016

i wish for...

Untitled #180

1.  Nude/brown matte lipgloss. I though I'll buy Maybelline Vivid Matte one, but it's just not matte enough for me. I also found some similar Maybelline lipstick, but still deciding.. And of course I tried Bonjours lipglosses...oh dear god why, now I want them badly, but they're so expensive :((
2. Dark purplish grey nail polish. I'm seeing this color everywhere and I really really want nail polish like that. I couldn't find it yet though, all colors are either too light or not greyish enough.
3. New phone. I'm choosing between LG K10, Sony Xperia XA and Iphone 6. I though I'll finally buy myself Iphone, but seriously, why do people have Iphones with this low battery life? And I can't pick between the other two, so still deciding...
4. Curling iron. I think I wanted this before then stopped and now this wish came back. I just really like my hair curly while my hair naturally is straight. I'm still learning how to curl it with straightener, but I think curling iron would be better and faster way.
5. Bralettes. I mean, have you seen them? Been dreaming about buying few, just too bad all the nicest ones are online and I'm not down for buying underwear online.
6. (Fake) Fur west. I thought they were out of fashion, buut I've seen some in stores and also one of my coworkers wore one and I just realized, yes, I need one myself.
7. Long sleeved body con dress. I think I was rambling about them since summer, it's the season!
8. A car. I wasn't sure if it's right for my blog wish list, but god damn, I not only want a car, but I really need it. I'm looking for Toyota Auris, hopefully I'll save enough money soon...
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