Thursday, October 20, 2016

what i would like to wear today | Sexy date night


There are two things which makes you sexy when you're wearing simple, but very trendy dress, not showing your cleavage or legs too much. It's either high heels or nice underwear. And I know, I know, noone is going to see your underwear if you're just out with no plans to hang out with some guy, but hey, cmon girls, am I the only one who immediately feels waay more sexy just knowing I'm wearing extremely hot (and matching, of course) underwear? Recently I've been dying for bralettes, something that is definitely too pretty to be hidden away, am I right? I'm going to be honest, I'd wear only bralettes if it was appropriate and well, not too cold. Anyway, here's my ideal date night outfit, I'd die to wear tonight - perfect underwear, perfect dress, perfect heels. What would you wear for your ideal date night? Share your outfit ideas in the comments, I'm really interested! :)

And by the way, you can find this underwear set here :) To check out more bra and pantie options, you can go here.
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