Tuesday, October 18, 2016

july memories

Balearic Sea. Already miss this view

Hotel selfie // Badalona. I'm currently writing my post about this summer trip, yes, I was in Barcelona. I mentioned it in my instagram, not sure if I have told it somewhere in blog, well, that post is coming soon

Getting extremely burned. The pain was terrible, I couldn't touch it and my back was the same, so sleeping was hard as well

Waiting for my flight back home. It was delayed, if I remember good. // Aaaand it started. I have no clue what has happened, but since I got back from Barcelona I started to get sick. A lot. It was I think week after coming back, I got three different illnesses (which names I don't want to share, too personal). I was taking four different types of drugs + probiotics, just to make sure my organism still functions. And those weeks were terrible, not only I felt pain 24/7, but I also was extremely sensitive, now it's fun to remember, but I remember in one of those days I was standing near lamp, which bulb has exploded and I got scared and I started crying, jus because I got so scared. And also I got into three fights w my bf, with no big reason. And when I finally got better, I was happy like for a week, then I got tonsillitis. And now it's like two months have passed, I had tonsillitis again and now when I'm writing this I have cold. I have no idea what is wrong w my immune system, I'm taking vitamins now and cut off alcohol completely. Hopefully this will help.

Feeling like a teenager again in this photo: boys, luxury cars and smoke. Funny thing that actually when I was a teenager I didn't smoke or drink, kinda proud of myself because of that :) // Visiting botanic garden w my parents, it was roses season!

Best breakfast in the world - watermelon, banana and nectarine // Snippet of my third summer memories post - my trip to lithuanian seaside w my friends
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