Thursday, October 20, 2016

what i would like to wear today | Sexy date night


There are two things which makes you sexy when you're wearing simple, but very trendy dress, not showing your cleavage or legs too much. It's either high heels or nice underwear. And I know, I know, noone is going to see your underwear if you're just out with no plans to hang out with some guy, but hey, cmon girls, am I the only one who immediately feels waay more sexy just knowing I'm wearing extremely hot (and matching, of course) underwear? Recently I've been dying for bralettes, something that is definitely too pretty to be hidden away, am I right? I'm going to be honest, I'd wear only bralettes if it was appropriate and well, not too cold. Anyway, here's my ideal date night outfit, I'd die to wear tonight - perfect underwear, perfect dress, perfect heels. What would you wear for your ideal date night? Share your outfit ideas in the comments, I'm really interested! :)

And by the way, you can find this underwear set here :) To check out more bra and pantie options, you can go here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

july memories

Balearic Sea. Already miss this view

Hotel selfie // Badalona. I'm currently writing my post about this summer trip, yes, I was in Barcelona. I mentioned it in my instagram, not sure if I have told it somewhere in blog, well, that post is coming soon

Getting extremely burned. The pain was terrible, I couldn't touch it and my back was the same, so sleeping was hard as well

Waiting for my flight back home. It was delayed, if I remember good. // Aaaand it started. I have no clue what has happened, but since I got back from Barcelona I started to get sick. A lot. It was I think week after coming back, I got three different illnesses (which names I don't want to share, too personal). I was taking four different types of drugs + probiotics, just to make sure my organism still functions. And those weeks were terrible, not only I felt pain 24/7, but I also was extremely sensitive, now it's fun to remember, but I remember in one of those days I was standing near lamp, which bulb has exploded and I got scared and I started crying, jus because I got so scared. And also I got into three fights w my bf, with no big reason. And when I finally got better, I was happy like for a week, then I got tonsillitis. And now it's like two months have passed, I had tonsillitis again and now when I'm writing this I have cold. I have no idea what is wrong w my immune system, I'm taking vitamins now and cut off alcohol completely. Hopefully this will help.

Feeling like a teenager again in this photo: boys, luxury cars and smoke. Funny thing that actually when I was a teenager I didn't smoke or drink, kinda proud of myself because of that :) // Visiting botanic garden w my parents, it was roses season!

Best breakfast in the world - watermelon, banana and nectarine // Snippet of my third summer memories post - my trip to lithuanian seaside w my friends

Monday, October 17, 2016

summer memories // pt. 1 - graduation

good day
// This post is probably the one I was writing the longest, I believe I started writing it back in the summer, and it's october already. Well, sorry for being too busy with life. 
Today I decided to stay away from beauty related (even though all I thought for today was lipsticks lipsticks LIPSTICKS) posts and finally post my first of three posts about my biggest summer events. The very first dedicated to my uni graduation, something I was waiting for so long. It still feels weird to realize I'm actually managed to graduate, it's still even hard to realize I got into uni in the first place. Talking about my graduation ceremony - it was too long, but I guess in the end it was worth it. I'm sad to think it was the last time I saw some people and well, I'm still sad looking at all students and realizing I won't be one anymore (not at least till next year). And actually I was more scared about that day, not because I was graduating and my cap was falling off, but because also that day my parents met my bf for the first time (and vice versa). But actually that just went perfectly good, wasted time worrying for no reason.
I don't want to dilate a lot while talking about all the years of uni, so I just made this short list of things, imo you should know before/ while studying:
*make sure you're applying somewhere you REALLY want. And YOU, not your parents, grandmas or friends.
*study. if you decided you want to be in uni, just please study.
*if you decided to study and learn, don't leave everything for the last day. night is not even an option. just do everything once you find out the task, start studying week before test. just don't leave it for the last.
*if, while studying, you realized it's not your field/ you don't want to study this anymore/ why you even got here, think again. and again. and then, if your mind didn't change, quit. don't waste your time.
*don't be afraid to talk with someone. Most of the people don't know anyone at uni, just like you. So if you have guts - just go and say hi. Don't worry about it, I'm pretty sure at the end you will be happy you did it.
*if you don't have guts to talk w someone and noone is talking w you..don't worry. it's just few years and actually, you're here to study, not to make friends. and also, most of them is gone after you graduate anyway.
*don't hurt yourself over your grades. uni is hard. learning is hard. and actually, grades doesn't really matter. my groupmate who was achiever, I believe she was getting scholarship and got biggest grade from her thesis, now she got job as store consultant at H&M. I'm not saying there's something wrong w that, but I think you would agree that after working so hard in uni, you would like to work somewhere related to your field, right. And well, in this situation and many more I've just learned grades don't matter. And I still feel dumb remember how much I've cried after getting my first bad grade in uni..if only I knew it won't matter in 4 years.

To end this post in probably more interesting note - here are few photos from ceremony. (and yes, I tried to hide some faces, which probably don't want to be seen)

1 2 3 4 5

So, here it is. My first big summer memory. Two more posts coming up soon, I'm just too busy w work right now.
Have a good rest of the day,
See you soon! x
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