Wednesday, September 21, 2016

recent haul (pt. 2)

good day!
I finally found time to share second part of my recent haul. Third is actually on the way as well, I manage to buy new stuff while making this post. Okay, no more rambling, let's go to the haul.

classic jacket // h&m

Ever since I've graduated (that post is also coming up soon) I started to go to job interviews and of course have to look more serious (my job would be business type, so no boyfriend jeans and oversized sweaters, boohoo). So found this perfect black jacket, which is not too serious, but serious enough. And love the fabric!

sweater // vero moda

But me wouldn't be me if I didn't buy any new oversized sweaters...well this was love at first sign! And also I don't have much of white clothes anyway, so why not.

sweatshirt // newyorker

And also, there would never be too much sweatshirts. I love this one, color, fabric, everything!

pajamas set // takko

Once again, never too much pajamas. This one is long sleeved top and leggings type bottoms, perfect for winter time.

natur boutique body lotion // rimi
batiste dry shampoo // eurokos

I was still in search of perfect body lotion for my spoiled skin and tried this organic body lotion. It smells nice, but I didn't feel much change in my skin. Recommend for everyday use, but don't expect any miracles.
After trying Batiste dry shampoo and felling in love, I decided to try one from another range...and got disappointed. It smelled nice, but didn't do much work, just as all the other dry shampoos. I'll buy original one next time.

rival de loop goji-melone micellar water // drogas
garnier micellar cleansing water // drogas
nivea bb cream // drogas
nip + fab kale fix clay mask //

I'm that kind of person who tries many products and well, gets disappointed while realizing I just should stick to the one I loved before. And this goes for micellar waters. Rival de Loop one is good, smells nice, but you can't use it for your eyes, so it's like double work - remove eye make up w one remover and then clean face with another one...ain't nobody got time for that. While Garnier one is my all time favorite and soon I'll mention it in my all time favorites, stay tuned!
If you know me - I don't use any foundation or powder, I stick to bb creams. Buut, thing is I can't find good one. After loving Nivea face cream so bad, I though bb cream from it should be good aswell, well, mm, not sure. Color is too dark and there was no options for that. I'm keeping it for some other days, but now I'm just sticking with my bare face.
And just once again learning that Nip + fab cosmetics have something which is not compatible with my skin. I liked clay masks before and though this one would be great too, but once I tried it I had terrible break outs and now I'm afraid to use it again. Maybe it wasn't this fault, but just coincidence I had break outs when I was using Nip + fab cleaning pads and cleanser (I mentioned it here).

Aaand that's it for the second part. I'll try to make third (and last) part for next week, so if you're interested, stay tuned!
I hope you're having a lovely day :) x
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