Thursday, September 01, 2016

hello autumn

happy september!
It's so weird to see all the kids with flowers in streets and not to be one, omg, so nostalgic. I honestly miss school, even though I'm sure if I have to go there again I'd be so mad and sad, but let's remember good times, like spending time with friends, chatting and laughing during lessons and getting good grades.Well, instead of that I'm trying to get my life back together after long holidays and of course getting more things to do. This weekend I had to go to my friend's kind of bachelorette party, but today I got work task for the weekend, also have one interior project on saturday, so I'll have to pass it :/ Well maybe being busy will make my mind turn off of bad things, let's look at the bright side.
Down below I'm sharing one of my favorite outfits, not really autumny because of lack of burgundy and dark green, but you can never go bad with black and white, right?
I'm hoping you're having a good evening and see you in the next post! x

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jacket - stradivarius // sweater - vero moda // jeans - new yorker 

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