Wednesday, September 14, 2016

goodbye, summer!

hey hey there
[little disclaimer: This post (as always) should have came week ago, but I was extremely busy, sorry for that.]
Just like last year and year before last year (whoa) I decided to make summer summary (whoa whoa). This summer probably was one of the most excited for me and I'm so sad it ended so soon. 

My favorite new trends were off shoulder tops and dresses. The only bad thing I don't have any of it! Fingers crossed it will still be a trend next summer and I promise, I'll rock it!
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My least favorite new trend was denim skirts. I don't know why, I used to wear (and love) it when I was a kid, maybe I just feel too old idk. But it's a huge no for me, it just doesn't look right for me.
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Beauty trend. Nude lip. Maybe because of Kylie J, but honestly, I love this trend! Too bad nature - light brown lip looks terrible on me, I change it to natural pinky tone nude, simple and for all seasons. 
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My favorite nail colors were matte pink/ neutral. I have no idea why, but I just stopped liking bright nails. Summer used to be bright pink/orange nails season for me, but this summer I decided to rock nudes - matte or shiny pinks, browns and greys. 
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Hairstyles. Dutch braids. Well, once again the Kardashians. But sorry not sorry, dutch braids were def my favorite trend of all. Too bad it's not easily made and my arms start to hurt really fast. 
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My favorite new artist (more likely newly found) was Major Lazer. Probably. It's really hard for me to talk about music, because I just liked everything. No major likes or extreme loves.
My favorite song/album. Jonas Blue "Perfect Strangers", Drake "Too Good" and "One Dance", Bring me the Horizon "Follow you". And many others, too many.
My favorite new discovery. Mr. Robot. I was seeing pics on tumblr of this guy and I just wanted to know who he is. I found him in tags, it was new tv show and I decided, why not. I'm watching only two shows right now, so decided to give a try and I honestly fell in love! I'm in season two now and made a pause, just because I was too busy, but next week I'll probably finish all episodes.
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My favorite memory. It's too hard to choose one. Or talk about all of them. This summer was definitely one of the greatest so far, graduation, Spain, Lithuanian seaside trip with my friends, little trips, everything...just amazing summer. 
My least favorite memory. Hard to find one. Of course there were bad things, but this time I'll only think about good ones. :)

Things I'm looking forward next summer ♥ 
Today I decided for one thing - Mykonos. I don't know about anything else, but visiting Mykonos is on my list for summer' 17, and hopefully this one will come true! 
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