Wednesday, August 31, 2016

june memories

One of the best jelly candy you can find - natural and tasty, recommended! // Catching up w my bff, sushies and cocktails as always (ps i have been craving sushi so badly, these photos are not helping ahh)

Little weekend getaway with my boyfriend to Trakai // Berries for dinner, oh well

Working out w my grandma's bike // Outfit for cold evening walk - leggings, comfy sweater, leather jacket, big scarf and converse shoes

Attending Muse concert, it was amazing! // Bea Johnson's lecture about zero waste life, it was interesting and worth waking at 9 am at Sunday after sleepless night before

My graduation ceremony. I'm actually will write big post about it, stay tuned // Trying self tanners, didn't see much different with light one, soon will try dark one, even though I still have some tan on myself 

My favorite cocktails in bottle - vodka + watermelon and blue lagoon // Weekend kayaking. It was event for midsummer and me and my boyfriend decided to go there as well. Regardless of terrible migraine attack and sleeping for a day in tent just because of it, it was great weekend and I loved kayaking (tried it for the first time). Reminder for myself if in future I decide to do this again - don't drink unknown guy's wine. After that one I felt terribly drunk (literally couldn't think straight) and got terrible migraine, headache with nausea, ahh can't even think about it, awful awful memories.  

This is view in Balbieri┼íkio atodanga which we visited while going home from kayaking weekend. If you're visiting Lithuania I recommend to visit it! // Returning home after kayaking weekend and finding out I have huge bruise on my arm. Have no clue how I got it, it didn't hurt and I don't remember hitting my arm. I still have scars on my feet after I slipped on rocks in the river, maybe I got this at the same time hmm 

Traveling to Barcelona. One of highlights of summer I'm going to share in separate post :)

Breakfast in our hotel - fruit, croissants, yogurt, apple juice and coffee // Wandering in streets of Barcelona

Drinking sangria in Barcelona and finally finding out how it should actually taste. I tried to make the same one after coming home, definitely not the same, but close. // Trying spanish pizza, not bad!
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