Sunday, June 12, 2016

run away with me

Oh hello there
These two days were kinda difficult for me to understand. I was thinking about making some rants about guns and stupidity and misunderstanding and everything, but I just can't find the words. I mean, okay. I live in Lithuania and guns are not that huge of the topic here. Yes, it has been few gun shots last year, but not like in America, I mean, first killed artist (I mean who knows how much more people would have been killed if not (I think) accidental suicide) and when this terrible massive shooting in two days. TWO DAYS. Don't even let me start with other shootings, like in schools or malls. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH SOCIETY? WHAT SHOULD YOU THINK BEFORE DOING THAT?? 
I don't even try to understand, I don't even think I would. I honestly think world will end because everyone will be killed. By guns.

I also finished university last week, spent weekend at my summer house and maybe next post will be brighter, now I'm just mad and devasted.
And going back to watch run away with me vines, because those make me feel like there's still some people left who want to make others laugh and be happy, not sad and killed.
And here's my recent outfit, but I'm hiding who inspired me, because it's kinda inappropriate. And I felt like a rock star.
Okay, good night for now, see you in the next post. ♥  

jacket - stradivarius // shirt - reserved // jeans - newyorker // shoes - converse // glasses and bag - local stores
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