Sunday, April 03, 2016

february memories

Morning traffic jams in Vilnius, totally normal // Probably the only good thing at work haha even though I'm still not really good at it, but I'm practicing!

Homemade pizza w loads of cheese and pickles // Watching Hamlet in theater. Little bit weird, but I liked it

In my natural habitat // Evening traffic jams in Vilnius

My routine for february weekends

Beautiful red tulips to brighten rainy dark days // Outfit of the day

One of my favs places near home to eat in Vilnius - Cuba pub and chicken quesadillas

I was thinking about making unique post about healthy eating/lifestyle I'm trying to live in, but maybe I'll share all those food photos in my monthly memories. So here are baked vegetables - in first pic w mozzarella and in second w chicken breast.

Celebrating fellow company's bday w way too sweet cake // Song of the month! 
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