Wednesday, March 23, 2016

winter wonderland

Hello everybody!
In between this terrible busy mess, I found some time to write a bit. As you may know, I'm currently working, writing my thesis and also yesterday decided to get proper job (the one I'm in right now is just unpaid practice..) so I'm also trying to learn some things needed for that (photoshop thingies). The more of this madness, the more I'm not getting how do people actually survive this. Even though I'm starting to feel better, but the beginning of life on my own, working from 9 to 6, was just too exhausting. I'm thinking maybe dark days were most cause of this, since it's getting brighter and brighter everyday I might get to feel better soon. Buuut, talking about weather, yup, it's snowing again! These photos are from saturday, which started as really bright and sunny day, but it started to be really windy at evening and finally snowed at night. But I still managed to enjoy day at Vilnius old town, wandering and learning new things about the city. And I ended my day by cooking and eating vegan brownie with vegan cocoa drink. I'm starting (once again...) to live a little bit healthier, since I started to gain weight once I moved out. It was so good to have time to cook properly, but now I just come back home late from work and eat some quick pizza or pasta, which is definitely bad not only for me, but for my body as well. Fingers crossed I won't quit!
Sooo I guess that's it for now, I'm going back to work to write post for my job, not blog.
I hope you're having a great day,
See you soon :)

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