Wednesday, March 30, 2016

i wish for...

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1. Bronzer stick. I've been trying to find perfect contouring thing, but just can't! All of those power type ones are too orange and not blending well. Few weeks ago I saw those bronzer sticks and think maybe they might be good solution, even though I'm not sure if they will blend normally, but still, I'm down to try it out!
2. The Balm cosmetics Bahama Mama Bronzer, Shadow, Contour Powder.
3. NARS Outlaw Blush or any other deep red blush, which I'm thinking to use as a bronzer. Yeah, I know, but I've tried other blusher like this and it seemed like it would work as well.
4. Maybelline  Lash Sensational Mascara. Once again, just because of reviews. Everyone been loving this one, and even though I hate Maybelline mascaras, I'll try this one, just because I haven't heard bad things about this one.
5. NARS lipglosses in wonder, priscilla and sixties fan or just any other bright orange, bright pink and dark red with blue tone lipgloss/ stick.
6. MacBook Air or any other light and thin laptop. Just because it's a little bit too hard to carry my heavy computer to work everyday.
7. Iphone 6s. Even though I haven't checked phones recently, but mine are starting to die, so I need new one asap!
8. Glitter phone case.
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