Friday, February 12, 2016

moving out


When I was in the last year of high school, I really really wanted to move out. And I didn’t want just to change flats, I wanted to change cities. Not sure where this wish came from, but I just had it in my heart. But when I came back to reality – I was stuck in same flat, same city with same surroundings and same people. The thing was that I was sure I’m going to apply for other cities’ universities, but only one university had program I wanted to study and it was extremely expensive with no way of free studies. So I got to university in my city and got in terms with staying here for 4 years at least. 
It was hard. I wanted to move out more than couple times, sometimes all I could think about was moving out, getting my own place, living by myself, all alone. But it was too weird to move out to my own flat in the same city my parents were living while being a student with no money. So I just stayed and lived there.
I'm not sure how things are in different universities in other cities/ countries, but here we have to have practice after our studies. And here's my chance. But well, it's actually funny story, I just didn't get place in my city. Yes, I got job in other city (Lithuania's capital) and yes, I took that offer. So it's almost two weeks of me living in other city, in other place. It feels weird, but at the same time so homey. It's completely new city for me, I mean I was born here, but we only lived here for 2 years since my birth and I don't remember anything. And even though I come here few times a year, it's still new place for me. And I wander, mostly after work, since I work from 9 to 6 and get home extremely tired, but I feel like I will feel more energized with time and once I get used to this, it will feel like home.
So to sum up, I moved out to Vilnius. I'm not sure if I'll stay here for long, I still have to finish my bachelor degree. And I won't make any room tours or whatever, since it's not my own place.

I hope you have a good day:)

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