Saturday, February 13, 2016

january memories

New year's eve selfie. I wasn't celebrating this year and was also sick, but still managed to wear something nice and go to balcony for fireworks (that's the reason for leather jacket haha) // Vilnius ♥  

Snow storm and this weird mood. // I'm not sure what we were celebrating, maybe last exam. Sushies and some weird hot alcohol cocktail.

Worst and weirdest day of month (or life maybe as well). Woke up at 5am feeling terribly sick and spend entire day in bed. Next day, apparently I was fine, just a little dizzy. Still not sure what was that, but thank god it lasted only one day.

Beautiful interior of local cafe. // Song of a month!

Trying to find something to wear...and everything is too big. I really liked this white jumper, but it didn't look good, too big on my arms/ shoulders..  // Trying to pack my things and literally feeling like dying...or ready to die.

Finding perfect color sweater and...too big. It should probably be like this, but still not sure if I liked it or not, so didn't buy.

My whole life in 5 bags..oh well.. // First dinner here in Vilnius in vegan restorant - some rice with spinach and vegetables. Not sure if I liked it, plus I had terrible headache afterwards so can't even think about it..
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