Monday, February 29, 2016

recent haul (pt. 2)

Hello everybody!
So between all the things I have to do, I'm finally posting this second part of my recent haul. Most things here are not tried yet, so I can't write short reviews or opinions, sorry for that :)

faux leather jacket // stradivarius

I've been wanting black leather jacket for so long, but didn't really had guts to buy and wear one, but finally thought to myself - yolo and bought it. Can't wait for spring to wear it!

dress // stradivarius

Something else different from me. I don't really wear dresses, I only started to wear skirts more often last year and I guess it's the right time for everything and dresses' time came now. This one was extremely cheap and also really comfy - light material, neutral color and simple cut. Can't wait for spring time and wear it with that leather jacket mention above :)

black jeans // lindex

I'm sure there's not much to say about these, well simple tight black jeans. I have few pair of these, they are my favorite even though bad thing is they don't have pockets and also stretch really easy. But since they're not expensive and are comfy I think it's a great deal.

scarf // reserved

I've been wanting scarf like this for quite a long time, but wasn't sure I would find right coat to wear this with and just kept trying to lose the desire. But one day I just thought to myself, oh come on, I want it and I need it and here it is. I still not sure with that I can wear it, but I probably will wear it more often in cold spring time w leather jacket.

live clean argan oil shampoo // drogas
elfa pharm burdock shampoo // drogas

I came back to that i want long hair phase and try to reach that with help of shampoos. I don't have big opinion on Live clean one, it smells nice and my hair felt good after it, but I only used it twice, so not sure if it would work for other times as well. And that russian or ukranian (I'm not sure) shampoo felt like working (even though I'm not 100% sure it's its fault), buuut I also felt my hair getting more greasy, so I won't buy it again.

amie spring clean deep cleansing mask // drogas
mixa anti-redness bb cream // drogas
flor de mayo mandarina body milk // maxima

Well, talking about face skin care, I started to love mold masks a lot, but the mold I bought for it, had weird (in a bad way) smell and I just couldn't use it anymore. This mask I'm not sure if have mold in it, but feels really similar and effect is actually similar as well - if you have some deep spots, it makes them pop (I'm not sure if it's clear what I'm trying to say, hopefully) and it feels fresh and smells nicely, so I would probably recommend this one. I can't say anything about that bb cream, because I haven't tried it yet, so I might write review later :) And about body milk - good consistency, smells nice as well :)

l'oreal volume million lashes extra-black mascara // eurokos
aldo vandini lip scrub // eurokos
eveline eyeliner pencil (color black) // eurokos
nailsystem effect nail polish (color ff9) // drogas
rimmel 60 seconds super shine nail polish (color 321 it's the cherry on top) // drogas
max factor glossfinity nail polish (color 70 cute coral) // drogas

Eyes products - this mascara is def my favorite, maybe all time. I have talked about L'oreal volume million lashes mascaras before, I'm even thinking about their own post, just...the best mascara I've recently tried - makes my lashes long and with volume. The only bad thing is price, I wish cheaper mascaras would work the same. While talking about eyeliner, I just bought it because it was cheap and I wanted to try simple pencil type eyeliner. It's easy to work with, but wears off pretty quickly. 
Nail polishes - well, glitter one is a little bit too watery, hard too apply and dries really long.. And those two others, well, the thing that expensive mascaras should last long is def a myth or my nails are some weird creatures, these lasted for max 3 days. 
And I have no strong opinion on lip scrub, not sure how it should work. 

So that's it. I've been extremely busy with work and studies, but I have so many posts in my mind, hopefully soon I'll have more free time :)
Have a good night! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

january memories

New year's eve selfie. I wasn't celebrating this year and was also sick, but still managed to wear something nice and go to balcony for fireworks (that's the reason for leather jacket haha) // Vilnius ♥  

Snow storm and this weird mood. // I'm not sure what we were celebrating, maybe last exam. Sushies and some weird hot alcohol cocktail.

Worst and weirdest day of month (or life maybe as well). Woke up at 5am feeling terribly sick and spend entire day in bed. Next day, apparently I was fine, just a little dizzy. Still not sure what was that, but thank god it lasted only one day.

Beautiful interior of local cafe. // Song of a month!

Trying to find something to wear...and everything is too big. I really liked this white jumper, but it didn't look good, too big on my arms/ shoulders..  // Trying to pack my things and literally feeling like dying...or ready to die.

Finding perfect color sweater and...too big. It should probably be like this, but still not sure if I liked it or not, so didn't buy.

My whole life in 5 bags..oh well.. // First dinner here in Vilnius in vegan restorant - some rice with spinach and vegetables. Not sure if I liked it, plus I had terrible headache afterwards so can't even think about it..

Friday, February 12, 2016

moving out


When I was in the last year of high school, I really really wanted to move out. And I didn’t want just to change flats, I wanted to change cities. Not sure where this wish came from, but I just had it in my heart. But when I came back to reality – I was stuck in same flat, same city with same surroundings and same people. The thing was that I was sure I’m going to apply for other cities’ universities, but only one university had program I wanted to study and it was extremely expensive with no way of free studies. So I got to university in my city and got in terms with staying here for 4 years at least. 
It was hard. I wanted to move out more than couple times, sometimes all I could think about was moving out, getting my own place, living by myself, all alone. But it was too weird to move out to my own flat in the same city my parents were living while being a student with no money. So I just stayed and lived there.
I'm not sure how things are in different universities in other cities/ countries, but here we have to have practice after our studies. And here's my chance. But well, it's actually funny story, I just didn't get place in my city. Yes, I got job in other city (Lithuania's capital) and yes, I took that offer. So it's almost two weeks of me living in other city, in other place. It feels weird, but at the same time so homey. It's completely new city for me, I mean I was born here, but we only lived here for 2 years since my birth and I don't remember anything. And even though I come here few times a year, it's still new place for me. And I wander, mostly after work, since I work from 9 to 6 and get home extremely tired, but I feel like I will feel more energized with time and once I get used to this, it will feel like home.
So to sum up, I moved out to Vilnius. I'm not sure if I'll stay here for long, I still have to finish my bachelor degree. And I won't make any room tours or whatever, since it's not my own place.

I hope you have a good day:)

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