Thursday, January 21, 2016

recent haul (pt. 1) + what I got for birthday

Hello everybody!
Today I finally decided to share this huge haul post. I wanted to share more about products mentioned here, so I decided to try them all and then write this post. If you're interested, keep reading :)

sweater // local store
sweatshirt // reserved

You could have seen this sweater in my previous post w Christmas outfit and if you know me personally or read my blog for awhile you may know my huge love for long cozy sweaters. This one is exactly like that and probably my favorite piece of this winter :) And sweatshirts (or jumpers I'm not sure) is something I'd never have enough of, so just another one in my closet :)

elgon maschera diamante shampoo and mask // gifted

I never really saw the point in those expensive shampoos and hair masks, just because they used to work exactly the same as cheap ones, but these I got to try for free so why not. But I honestly saw no changes in my hair. And it smelled exactly like my ex, so great on that one...

nip+fab glycolic fix extreme night pads // asos
nip + fab glycolic cleansing fix // asos

This is something my sister is obsessed with and I just got to try because her skin is amazing while I suffer with terrible skin from time to time. But. I noticed that my skin gets even worse after washing it with this and also it gets terribly dry (while it's already dry). So I wouldn't recommend this if you have dry skin. But since it's working on my sister's skin, I guess you should just try yourself to see if it's good or not.

garnier micellar cleansing water // drogas
nivea 3in1 micellar cleansing water // drogas

I never really see that was this fuse with micellar water about, it seemed like simple tonic for me and I didn't even know why should I try it. But since I couldn't find good face washer (all of them dries my skin even more, where are all the good ones??) I decided to give these a go. It still don't feel as good as washer does, I still rinse my face with simple water afterwards even though it says you shouldn't (I feel like after washing it with water I have removed makeup completely). Comparing these two I would recommend Garnier one more, it feels better on skin and I think removes eye makeup better as well. I probably will buy another bottle and use it for both my face and eyes (even though my all time favorite was Nivea makeup remover, well all good things come to an end). 

nivea sensitive day cream // drogas
korres yoghurt sunscreen face cream //
rasa bb+ hyaluronan face cream // drogas

I'm still in search for good face cream. The thing is that I noticed all face creams make my skin break (or is it coincidence, not sure), but I still need it, because after washing my face, skin gets sooo dry I could literally die from irritation. I used to use simple face cream before applying bb cream, because it felt safer and better if color is wrong, but both of these seems too heavy, while applying bb cream it started to go off (I don't even know how to talk about in english, I don't know the right words), it was just peeling off I guess. And I'm not sure if it's simple cream's fault or bb one. And funny story about this bb cream. I started using it before and I loved it and bought another bottle (this one) and one day old bottle just finished while I applied it only on one cheek. So I just took new bottle and started using it (and was so proud of myself I bought new one in advance..). Apparently, there was more than one color choice. And I used darker one and bought lighter one now. Good thing I noticed that before applying.. And it's actually weird, it's so light, almost white, but still I look better with it than without, so I guess it does work.

nailsystem nail polish (color 430) // drogas
maybelline colorama 60 seconds nails polish (color 23) // drogas
rival de loop nail polish (color 31 magic dream) // eurokos
golden rose wow nail polish (color 28) // švaros prekės

I don't have much to say about these, even though, funny story on that rdel young nail polish - me and my bff bought almost same ones together, come back home and texted each other what the fudge did we buy. I honestly not sure what was in my head when I bought it, but oh well, I guess you need some crazy colors in your life. 

l'oreal la palette nude eyeshadow pallete color 02 beige // kosmada
l'oreal false lash telescopic mascara // drogas


It might be unpopular opinion, but I'm not sure if it's just me or these are not pigmented at all. I tried them few times and I can't see anything on my eyes. But I still hoping it's my lack of skills and one day I'll manage to do amazing makeups with these...


My big love for L'oreal mascaras might have been decreased a little with this one. I'm not saying it's bad, no, but I find volume million lashes ones better and also this one makes my lower lashes weird, like it's applied but seems like not really??

burt's bees lip balm // gifted
carmex lime twist lip balm //
isana intensiv lip balm // drogas
maxfactor lipfinity lasting lip tint (color 03) // gifted
manhattan colour splash liquid lip tint (color 51p hint of pink) // eurokos
rimmel lasting finish by kate lipstick (color 46) // drogas

Here comes my love of lip products haha. Talking about balms - Burt's bees and Carmex ones are way better than Isana one, I have dry lips (it's just in package with my face haha) and even though Isana one should be for dry and sensitive lips, I felt the need to apply it even after applying. Aaand talking about lip tints/sticks, I was trying to wear those more, don't care what people think and just do what I want. Max Factore one is my favorite because of applicator - it's like felt-tip pen, easy to use, but it's really dry and color is not exactly how it looks on package (picture below, more red). Manhattan one is the one I tried and didn't buy and regret it and came back the other day. It was cheap, smells nice and color I think really suits me, but wears off pretty quickly and also gives this weird burning feeling after applying. While Rimmel one is actually my mom's, but she gave it away for me, because it doesn't suit her. I'm not sure it suits me either, as much as I wish, nude colors don't look good on me. It's actually pretty hard to find good looking lip color for me, bright ones don't suit me, nude ones either...

from left: rimmel, manhattan, maxfactor

eos summer fruit lip balm
invisibobble hair rings
tangle teezer hair brush
coloring book for adults (i came up w this name :D)

And here are some of things I got for my bday. Once again, I said I want nothing, but oh well. I actually love every single thing from here. Invisibobble took me some time to get used to, but now I love it!

Pretty soon I'll tell you why I have been so busy and also share second part of my haul post :)
Have a great day! x
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