Friday, January 29, 2016

december memories

Festive city at night ♥ // I had paper work to do, but ate instead.. Long happy days...

Kinda healthy breakfast - toast w banana, cinnamon and chia seeds // Late romantic nights..not sleeping

My outfit to musical in a theater.

Christmasy city at night

Christmasy coffee with my girls. I had this amazing peppermint hot chocolate w candy cane and it was soooo good! // Tanya's cookies once again. Prob my favorite home made dessert :)

Nail art over the month. Weird both times I think, but bad thing is that I want long nails so badly, but they got so fragile for some reasons and just won't grow normally ://

Celebrating ending one project w my groupmates and caipirinhas haha // First normal snow!

Avocado toast yum yum // Lazy mornings w green tea, vanilla scent and Vogue
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