Tuesday, December 22, 2015

my life nowadays

Hello everybody!
How are you guys? The last time I was here I was dreaming about blogging everyday till Christmas, yeah right, def happened... Thing called UNIVERSITY happened, that's what that was. I had milions of paperwork I couldn't even blog to say that I won't be blogging. But now I'm finally done with all those papers, only exams left and now I have more free time :) I have couple of things I want to do on these holidays and also few resolutions, but hopefully I'll manage to do those and blog as well. It's about time I take care of this little baby - my blog :)

And I also now have only 4 hours sleep deprivation, good few days with 10 hours of sleep :))

2 3 5 
^ most of my evenings looked exactly like this - paperwork, some crispbread w hummus, tea and romantic candle light...


And I also want to share those two candles - those smell AMAZING. Highly recommend for winter time :) 
// from ikea
// from maxima
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