Saturday, November 14, 2015

september memories

There's a reason why this post is so late. September's beginning was one of the best time of my entire life, while end was really messed up. It was a little bit too hard to go through those pictures, but now I'm in better place and it doesn't bug me anymore. 

I wasn't sure how I feel about this manicure, I guess I kinda liked it. // One of the best nights in my least when I thought so. Kinda hard to think how it turned out at the end, oh well..

Outfit of one of days // song of the month!

Searching for perfect lipstick and regretting not buying this one. Spoiler alert - I bought it the other day ;) // Watching basketball w friends and eating waaay too much. 

Favorite color of nails for life! I'll show this polish soon in haul post :) // Outfit of another day

Spending time in countryside while working and trying to find some peace of mind.. // Final of Eurobasket watching w thousands of others

Finally doing something I planned for ages - dyeing my hair! 

Aaaaand this is how it turned out.. Even though it looks darker in pic, only one person noticed changes. // Lunch w bff - spring rolls, bananas w caramel and strawberry champagne coctails
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