Saturday, November 28, 2015

october memories

Sleepy afternoons w my sis. Looked too cozy not to capture haha // My fav home detail!

Getting temperature out of nowhere. I didn't even felt sick (as much as I remember) and it all went away next day. Still have no clue what was that. // Metalic nails

Clothes shopping // Celebrating my bff's bday w tequila shots...

...and once again getting home by foot in the morning. I have no clue why we always do that. // And also snacking after getting home. It was maybe 4am, I was really hungry...

Dinner time. Pizza w eggplant, rucola lettuce and spinach. Was actually kinda nice. // Cuuute postcard, which says 'I love from head to toes".

Flowers shopping and bouquet we have chosen.

Late evening photoshoot in forest // My grandma's chose for autumn! I'm actually jealous, those colors looked great on me as well haha

Autumn colors // Celebrating Halloween watching Halloween episode of Friends. 
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