Sunday, September 13, 2015

recent haul

Hello everybody!
This post should have been online weeks ago and only now I found 10 minutes (yup, I'm watching basketball right now) to write it. So sorry for messiness and me being so busy, here are couple of things I've bought :)

super slim light blue jeans // bershka
high waist dark blue jeans // bershka

I just needed new dark blue jeans, but found light ones I actually like as well, so bought both. Also I like that dark ones has high waist, way better with crop tops :)

shorts // promod

I was little afraid I won't find how to wear loose shorts, but I actually worn these a lot at last summer days :) So comfy and beautiful!

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dress // promod

Funny fact, I actually own like one short summer dress and also love this print and back. Definitely will wear this a lot next summer!

shirt // new yorker

Simple (kinda crop) top of color I actually really like and don't own much clothes of :)

l'oreal elvital total repair 5 CICA cream for hair // drogas
dove oxygen moisture root lift spray // drogas
delia cameleo multifunctional hair conditioner // eurokos
toni&guy nourish conditioner // asos

Hair products, because I decided to start take more serious care of my hair. After all stress I went through it became really fragile and stopped growing, so hopefully some products will help... I tried them all except toni&guy conditioner and not sure if they are working, but so far I'm not regretting buying any of those.

patisserie de bain strawberry cupcake lip balm // asos
catrice lipstic (color 040 pretty little valentine) // drogas
essence eyebrow stylist set // drogas
rimmel kate salon pro nail polish (color 134 moon) // drogas
nailsystem nail polish (color 370) // drogas
nip+fab glycolic fix daily cleansing pads // asos

From these products I just want to share that patisserie de bain lip balm has amazing smell and actually doesn't leave white stains (I don't know how to explain this, but most balms always leaves white marks on my lips and it's really hard to find one which wouldn't). 
Eyebrow set is one of my favs even though I never finish it all, I don't use darker color, it's too dark for me. 
And also about those cleansing pads. I have prone acne skin and these have amazing feedback on how it works on skin, but I'm not sure. It is easy to use but I don't feel anything after using it - just like I would clean my face w pads with water. And also I'm still getting pretty bad spots even after using it everyday and almost finishing whole pack. So I'm not sure if I would recommend it, maybe it's not the problem, but also not solution, at least for my skin.
^here's how lip balm looks on my lips, it has light pink color and kinda greasy texture, but after few moments it gets into lips and feels okay :)
^here's color of lipstick, nude pink w hint of glitter :)

Sorry for not much text, I tried my best to make this quick and easy to read :) In case you still wonder about something, you can ask in comments, I'll answer anything :)
Now I'm back to watching basketball, have a good evening! :)
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