Monday, September 07, 2015

goodbye, summer!

Hello, everybody!
Just like last year (in case you missed, click here) this year I decided to make this sum up post about this summer. I feel like there was no summer, it flew so fast! Oh well :/ So here are my tiny overview:

My favorite new trends were chunky sandals and backpacks. I feel like both of them are something I used to wear in my childhood which makes me nostalgic and maybe that's why I liked it so much haha. And also I'm bringing backpacks to autumn as well, I just like it too much, too comfy.

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My least favorite new trend was Bib shorts (I'm not even sure if it's called like that) and Palazzo pants (same, not sure if it's the name). I just don't understand why would you wear it, especially those short loose pants, why?

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Cosmetic discovery. When talking about beauty this summer, I would say all things matte - lips and nails. My discovery probably was matte lipsticks or dark matte lipsticks, both of them I was loving more than I ever imagined!
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My favorite nail colors were probably all shades of pink and matte as well. I'm still trying to enjoy it, while it's not winter time and not suitable. 

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Hairstyles. Colors in hair (or no color). I'm so sad I'm not brave enough, but I really REALLY want to die my hair silver blonde or light pink, ahh whyy?

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My favorite new artists (at least newly found) were Halsey and Melanie Martinez. Even though I was kinda disappointed in Halsey's new album, but maybe it's because I've already heard half of songs (and liked it) and new ones weren't so good.. But, I recommend to listen both, Halsey's and Melanie's new albums! 

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My favorite song/album. It's really hard to choose only one, so I'm going to name bunch. One of those good songs which I could listen (still can, miracle!) either I'm in a good mood or bad was Ghost Town by Adam Lambert. One of first songs I fell in love immediately was This Summer Gonna Hurt by Maroon 5. One of the best songs to listen in the car was Reality by Lost Frequencies. Two songs for any occasions were Stressed Out and Tear In My Heart by Twenty One Pilots.
While taking about albums, my fav probably was Communion by Years and Years.

My favorite memory. While remembering this summer I used to talk how bad it was, how I didn't get time to enjoy it and blah blah blah. While thinking about my favorite memory, I realized, that despite all the bad things, it wasn't so bad after all. I've met few amazing people, even though not all are still in my life, but I still remember times I didn't sleep til 5 am talking to them and enjoying it. I remember siting in car and talking til midnight about life and how you forget about all wrong things. I remember playing table football (how is it called?) for the first time w some unknown guys at the bar w my friend and how fun it was. I remember seeing my cousin and her little baby girl after maybe 13 years not seeing each other. I remember spending evenings near river, talking about life w my friends. I remember spending so much time outside w friends and only getting home to sleep. And tons of other moments, which didn't make this summer so bad.

My least favorite memory. Spending days in hospitals, visiting doctors and all the bad things which has something to do w health. This summer, I realized that there are two most important things in my life - health and my family. Other people come and go, there's no way of keeping them if they don't want to stay and it's completely okay, another lesson I've learned is that after one left, another comes and even better than you could have ever imagined. No failed exams actually matter as long as you healthy enough to try again and you should try until you don't have to anymore. And also - don't forget to believe in yourself. Believe in the best version of you.

Things I'm looking forward to autumn 
While talking with my friend how terrible this summer was I promised him - this autumn gonna be the best. Not sure if it's true, but as long as I believe it is - it will be. I'm looking forward wearing black and burgundy, dark lipsticks and nail polishes, my tv shows coming back, learning new things and trees changing colors :)

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I'm really really hoping your summer was amazing and autumn gonna be as well! :) 
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