Sunday, September 06, 2015

august memories

Hanging out w my friends at probably our favorite place. // Loving color scheme haha 

Getting package from Asos. What I got you gonna see really soon! ;) // Going for a walk at night time was probably one of the best things. Clearing your mind, enjoying the weather and view.

Fancy dinner w my mom and sister. // I would honestly say - the worst night of this summer. I don't want to talk much about this, but this is ambulance in my yard (I don't even know how to say this) which took my dad. I was left alone at home, not knowing anything and wanting to talk w someone and this is probably those moments when you realize that from all the people you know there is probably only few ones who care enough and would talk to you at 1 am about stuff, which is not as bad as it feels. 

And this is the place I spent some of days visiting my dad. Everything is fine now, he got treatment and surgery which he needed, so things are all good now. // This made me laugh a bit, too bad it's in Lithuanian, but if any Lithuanians are reading, you will understand.
My outfit on cool summer day.

Making home made burgers for dinner, yum! // My nails which I called princess pink - mostly because it was light pink w hint of glitter, so girly and princessy haha

Finally eating sushi after maybe month wanting. I didn't have anyone to go w and I didn't feel like eating alone, so had to ask and beg everyone until one of my friends agreed. Felt amazing, I never craved sushi so much! // Laying in bed after giving blood for tests. Didn't feel that good and sleeping helped a bit.

Spending three days at summer house, finally tanning (I literally tanned 2 hours in the entire summer, good job!) and going for a swim (in winter cold water, miracle I didn't get sick). // Night in playground near summer house.

Mom's home made cake for sister's bday, was sooo good! // Cutting my hair. I actually got so addicted I want to cut more and more and more.

Finding these cuties in local store :D want to try them all! 

Meeting my girls after months not seeing and going to have some dessert and coffee w it. Find out lots of exciting things, not sure if I should share or not haha

My creativity comes alive on snapchat, apparently :D // Self learning aka reading psychology typed (?) books. Too bad I'm reading all of them at once :/ 

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