Thursday, August 27, 2015

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Hello everybody!
Today I decided (once again) to start to blog more properly and decided to write this chatty post about my recent days. Last weekend was my last summerish weekend, which I spent at summer house, swimming in the lake for the first time this year (!) and tanning properly first time as well (for 2 hours, trying to make it up for all days I wasted). Well, it's kinda sad that summer is ending, because this summer was probably one of the worst this year (no wonder I liked that Maroon 5 song so much...) and I wish I had one more month to enjoy it... I don't want to talk much about it, but most of the time of this summer I've spent in hospitals and missing people, cause we all were too busy to hang out. Well, I promised myself and now saying it out loud that I'm making this autumn the best time of the year, no excuses. Actually I'm starting now - yesterday started to work out and last week started to take care (well, more proper care) of my health. This is what I was doing past few days - visiting doctors, making tests and arranging more appointments. Thing is, I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I suffer from terrible dizziness while standing up (leading up to fainting), low blood pressure (yesterday my doctor checked it and it was 94/68, she was kinda worried and asked if I'm alright, while I just laughed, it's almost like my normal everyday blood pressure, I feel way worse when it's more than 100/70), headaches and just tiredness. So without all the tests and doctors, I'll take vitamins daily (and remember to take it), I'll start to go to bed earlier (not funny fact, this summer it was miracle if I went to sleep before 3 am, not to mention I usually wake up around 9 am and can't fall back asleep) and reduce alcohol intake to minimum (apparently w my condition you can't drink alcohol at all, but well, where there times when I used to drink 5 days in a row (I'm not bragging, I'm actually trying to show how badly it ruins your health) and I'm not sure if I can stop drinking at all, but I'll try not to drink as much as possible) just because I get terrible headaches after even one can of beer. And without all those things I'll try (once again..) to be as positive as possible. I was incredibly rude today and I blamed not sleeping enough (6 hours though), but I need to start to be more grateful and happy, because where's plenty of things to be happy about (like eating pizza for dinner today).


Today was actually nice sunny day, even though still needed sweater while being outside. But I kinda like when it's not too hot, this summer was extremely hot and making me sad because I couldn't be near water or tanning.


Today I finished reading Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. As you may know I'm fan of Zoe and watch her videos, so don't think I'm going to say bad things because I hate her or something. I just didn't like the book. But, thing is I completely understand why - Zoe's target is mostly teenagers and while reading this I was feeling like I would enjoy it if I was 5 years younger. I'm not saying it was the worst book I've ever read, but I'm not sure if I would recommend it to my friends :)


All the vitamins I bought today. Well, let's hope it will help a bit, just because my blood test wasn't the best. And whatsoever, I don't think vitamins would do anything bad. 


Today I went food shopping w my parents and saw this car in parking lot next to ours. I have no idea what is happening, but I fell in love. I'm serious. I want it so badly! I was joking how older I get, because when I was younger, first car I wanted was Lexus RX350, when it was BMW X6 and once I started driving myself I started to want Ford Focus, Citroen C3 and now this beauty. I wonder which car will be the first I'll buy myself, probably none of those and something way different haha


I was always big fan of curd snacks (I know that most countries don't have those - this is curd bar w layer of chocolate and some sort of filling (or no filling)), but once I found out how much fat is in it, I stopped eating them completely. Today I saw this new thing - butter milk curd snack - and decided to try, while there was maybe half of fat compared to normal ones. But well, too bad, taste is different as well, not as good :/ I guess I'll have to forget it again...


Last week my aunt made this new dish - mussels w coconut milk sauce. I've tried mussels while visiting France and it was kinda good, knowing fact I don't eat any sea food. And my mom decided to do it again, so bought this can of coconut milk which I guess are going to waste. Well, at least I'm definitely not the person who's going to drink it. I tried oil pulling w coconut oil and drinking this felt kinda the same. Definitely not for me.


And here's tiny sneak peak of upcoming post and what I was doing entire evening. I would have posted this earlier, but couldn't find time, so much to do! But this photo gonna include in post coming really really soon ;)

I hope you all have a great night, I'm about to go to bed, going to bed earlier, right ;) 
Good night! x
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