Friday, August 07, 2015

july memories

My outfit/essentials for driving 2+hours - comfy oversized shirt, loose pants, converse shoes and backpack of course.

Celebrating something w champagne and strawberries. I actually can't remember the occasion :o // Song of a month!

Beautiful cup my grandma got me to use while I'm staying at her place. I actually wanted to bring it home, it's so cute! // Forgetting my running shoes at home while staying at summer house and trying to find new ones just because I wanted to run badly. These nikes were amazing, too bad not big enough :(

Outfit for hot day near the lake.

Going to the lake and enjoying nature. // Fresh strawberries right out of garden. I probably sound weird, but I'm not big fan of any kind of berries, so I ate maybe less than kilo of those this year. I don't know why, I just don't want it, that's all.

Another fav outfit for colder days. // Marshmallows!

Tiny trip we had to Zarasai, I'm actually writing separate blog post for this ;)

Cat heaven. And I want a cat so badly... // Best breakfast in the world. Ate this every single morning for a week and didn't get annoyed, so I should actually love this a lot.

Flowers for a friend at her birthday. Wouldn't mind get it myself haha. // Celebrating birthday w coctails...

...somehow ended near the river. It was actually kinda good day. I was pretty busy in the morning, taking care of few things, meeting someone and later celebrating friend's bday. The whole week was pretty busy for me, but good busy, where you forget how your home looks like, because you're never there. // My outside pajamas outfit :D Obviously I loved these pants this month, well, probably I won't wear them as much anymore, so at least I wore them now haha
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