Friday, July 31, 2015

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Hello everybody!
How are you? I'm living typical Lithuanian summer, hot, cold, hot, cold. I've spent few weeks in my summer house, but when weather got bad decided to come home (also because I've missed my friends like crazy). Now that I have more free time decided to show some things I've bought recently (and not so much) :)

clutch // aldo

I've been wanting black envelope clutch for quite long time, but couldn't just find one I would love from the first sight. This is probably the closest one, but I still want something different, I'm probably will search for it online.. But this one is great for parties and stuff, because it's more classic and not everydayish. 

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backpack // local store

Yup yup I finally got one! I've been fusing about backpacks so much and how I can't find it anywhere but on other girls I finally managed to find it and buy it! I'm loving it!

bracelets set // aldo

My try to be more girly haha. I just love gold bracelets and finally bought myself a set. 

deborah extra volume sprint mascara // drogas
rimmel kate matte lipstick (color 107) // drogas
golden rose matte nail polish (color 01) // drogas
clean&clear blackhead daily scrub // drogas
dirty works foot butter // kosmada
bed head tigi urban anti-dotes shampoo // rimi

1. You probably know how mascaras are the most important make up thing (how to call it?) for me, so I'm kinda picky when it comes to buying it. I was in love w Max Factor mascaras for ages, when find out that L'oreal ones are quite amazing as well, but both of those are kinda expensive and maybe too expensive for me to spent every other month. I want to find cheaper version of good mascara and remembered using Deborah ones last year, so gave it a chance ones again. Still, hard to compare to my faves, it's not the same, but not the worst of mascaras I've tried, for sure. 
2. I've been fussing about this one too... I remember seeing it first in a store and trying and not buying because "where would I wear it?". Well, stupid me, sometimes you just need to buy just to buy it. And not overthink it. I kept thinking and thinking about this lipstick for days and nights, so went back to store to bought it. You have no idea how afraid I was if I wouldn't find it anymore..but I did. And I found where to wear it and it is amazing. Long lasting, perfect matte color, amazing smell. The best dark lipstick ever!
3. I'm obsessed w nail polishes (nothing new) and matte ones are a-ma-zing. Too bad it doesn't last long :(
4. Daily thingy, which I kinda love. It doesn't dry my skin at all, I don't even have to moisturize it afterwards, which I think is main reason I get spots. I have tried it only couple of times, so can't tell for sure, but I think I could recommend it for dry skin.
5. Another daily thingy, which I don't know how to review. Not big fan of smell, but everything else is quite alright.
6. I've tried it only once, so no review yet, buuuut it smells amazing.

Close up to see the color. It's like dark burgundy red. Looks amazing on lips and consistency is really good - not too oily or dry.

Close up of mascara's brush. Normal size, not plastic one (I don't know how to call it), not hard to reach all lashes.

So, that's it for today, thank you for reading :) Which product is your favorite from this haul? :)
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