Saturday, July 04, 2015

june memories

Having bruise from nowhere, literally have no idea where I got this from. // Trying out style like this - crop top + big midi skirt. Yay or nay?

My favorite fruit! // Blue and green manicure to brighten days.

Trying to find new good looking blazer and kinda regretting not buying this :/ Not sure what stopped me :( // Getting sick right when summer started, lucky me. Sore throat, losing voice, runny nose, everything. But thank god it lasted week or so, nothing too serious.

Driving to my sis graduating and loving nails & details. // One day near lake w friends and wine. Actually it was really really cold and not summerish at all. 

Visiting Zoo after maybe 15 years? I know I know... But thing is I'm really against Zoo's and it's just too hard for me to watch how those animals suffer... // Song of the month! And maybe entire summer as well, hmm..
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