Wednesday, June 03, 2015

I wish for...

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Hello everybody!

I know it's been a while since I posted or talked about what I want to get, so decided it was about time I share my wishlist! Of course, as always I mostly want beauty stuff, but hey, I'm a girl after all ;)
1. Liquid bronzer. The thing is that I really love bright cheekbones or just cheekbones you can see, but I can't make that look by myself so far, all bronzers I've used were too orangy, just too hard to blend, just not right. So I'm thinking that liquid ones might be the solution.
2. Rimmel lipstick. I saw this one in store and immediately fell in love. I never been big fan of bright red lips, just because I though it wouldn't suit, but this lipstick...I just love that shade and it looks so amazing...
3. Tange teezer. I probably sound so late, but..I don't believe that brush can be miracle working or anything, I just love the style and the case... I think this would be great for taking it anywhere (since I keep losing my mini brush in my bag).
4. Hair chalks. Yeaah, I mean I always wanted pink hair, so.. I just think chalks would be the safest way to dye my hair and temporary in case I would hate it. I just can't find it anywhere and too afraid to buy online, any tips??
5. New Balance. I had this wish for past two years I think, but now it's even bigger since I've tried them in store..OMG, I think they're even more comfy than converse ones, too bad I'm still unsure about spending this much on sneakers :/
6. Black leather backpack. I'm kinda happy w this trend coming back, I remember I had this backpack back in maybe 2nd grade? And once again, I can't find it anywhere. Where do girls buy it??
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