Sunday, June 28, 2015

dark lips, ripped jeans

sweater - vero moda // jeans - newyorker // shoes - converse 

I've been loving combo of oversized sweaters and ripped jeans and it happens that dark lips matches as well! This is what I wore the most (probably?) at cold spring evenings, something comfy, yet classy (haha). What do you think? :)

And yes, yesterday my summer finally started! I've been crazy busy w uni, last few months were disaster, so much to do, yet so less time. And I also wanted to spend as much time as possible w my friends before I or them leave the city, so it just happens that it was my priorities. Now I'm little bit less busy, so I'm planning few blog posts (even though I'm thinking about quitting blogging for good as well), I just need to take photos, edit and post :) So maybe in couple of days ;) Have a good evening! x
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