Sunday, May 03, 2015

long weekend


Hello everybody!♥
I finally found some time to write new blog post! I know I have been the worst blogger ever, but thing is that I'm super busy w uni and have almost no time for blogging :/ Even right now I have three paper work's due soon, but just can't make myself go and write them :( Other than that, I've been pretty happy recently, because spring came back, last few days were warm and I really hope it will stay for next week as well. Can't believe it's only one month till summer, time flies!
Talking about this weekend, I thought it's long weekend since may 1st is free day, but I have all fridays free, so not much difference haha Well only the fact that my entire family was at home as well. It's also mother's day in Lithuania today, so I woke up at 8am to bring my mom flowers and breakfast (even though, as I tweeted, there's not enough flowers, kisses and breakfasts to show how much I love my mom) and I think I should wake up so early more often because I get more productive - like I cooked dinner as well, went for a drive w my dad and also lacquered my nails (haha for this one). And it's still sunny outside, so maybe I'll go to my balcony and write some papers and that would make this day the most productive one. Even though I'm super sleepy, I was sleeping 6-7 hours every day for past weeks, def not enough for me :(
Oh, and also I'm so excited for new princess, (I think name will be Elizabeth by the way :D) congrats Kate and William!
Few photos to end this post (tiny beauty haul at the end), I hope you're having a great day! x

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sweatshirt - reserved // jeans - new yorker

Few random things I've recently bought:

  • Schauma Fresh It Up! shampoo and conditioner. I've been trying not to use leave in conditioner for past weeks and it was disaster. I used to use this shampoo back to summer and I used to love my hair, so decided to give this one a try again, but conditioner still doesn't work how I would want it to work :(
  • Rival de Loop clean&care wash gel. I have mixed type skin (even though more dry than oily) and I couldn't find good washer, because most of them used to be for oily skin or normal skin and it would dry my skin terribly. And I can honestly say that this one works the best so far! The only bad thing would be the smell :/
  • Bioten Skin Moisture moisturizing cream. I have no strong opinion on this one, it moisturizes and smell good, so I guess it's good.
  • Nivea soft rose lip balm. Not the best lip balm in the world, but okay..
  • Dove Purely pampering nourishing lotion. I've used Dove lotions before and really liked it, so decided to try another one, but this one is a little bit too sticky and smells little bit irritating if you're smelling it for the long time. Pistachio one was better I guess, even though, both of them had same package, which is not easy to use nor economy friendly. 
  • Cat eye sunglasses. Something I wanted for sooo long and spent hours and hours searching online. Finally found the perfect ones!  
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