Sunday, May 10, 2015

april memories

Getting ready for yoga or my workout outfit // My childhood place aka place where I've grown up. It's my summerhouse yard (I'm not sure it's called like that) where I used to play while staying here. It changed lots though, but still brings me memories of the best time of my life.

My favorite candy - jelly beans! // Trying to cook red velvet cupcakes. Didn't work that well though :( 

Dinner w my sis and mom at Grill London. Highly recommend those burgers, was yum! // Selfie before uni.

Sleepy little one ♥ //  Having food feast w my bff. Okay, just simple day w sushies and chicken, but still it was soo good!

One of the best evenings out w my friends - talks about literally everything, apparently drinking too much beer (have no idea how I happened to get drunk from beer though), tons of laughs, meeting erasmus students, running to car which had to pick us up and feeling terrible entire night and day after. I think I can't drink alcohol because of vertigo, but since I'm such badass... // Song of the month! or past few months...

Hanging out w my bff during one sunny, but extremely windy day instead of going to lecture.. Oh and by the way, Kronenburg is way tastier in pubs that in cans.... // My nails. Not sure if I liked it or not :/

Trying this new salad in a bun thing (it actually has name, I just don't remember). It was tasty, just too hard to eat. // Frozen yogurt! I probably would choose it as the only one desert to eat for the rest of my life, I'm seriously addicted to it.
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