Friday, April 17, 2015

february and march memories

Lunch break at my favorite pizza place. I've been there maybe 4 or 5 times only, but as a pizza lover I can say, it's the best place so far! // Catching up w my girls and trying burger's for the first time at that place. Kinda okay. 

Making home made curd donuts (I think they have some english name, I just don't know it) // Song of february for sure!

Watching play w my mom and sister. That day I wasn't in my best mood and play was w deep meaning which definitely made me think over a lot of things. // Dinner after long day - salmon and greek salad.

Going for the run for the first time this year and almost dying... // Winter 2.0! It was weird that it's snowing in the begging of march, but it literally snowed today as well, so I guess that was totally normal back then.

Getting back on healthy eating track! Overnight oats w apples for breakfast. // Watching football (it was university occasion, my friend's bf was playing, the only reason I was there during so cold evening!)

Trying this new place. Nice interior and tasty food, just little bit too much for one person...

Getting ready for university celebration by doing fancy manicure. Kinda hard to watch these photos now, cause I really want to lacquer my nails, but I'm on therapy :( // Trying my friend's heels and wanting to keep them! So so amazing and comfy, too bad kinda too small, I would keep them otherwise haha

And my outfit for that celebration. (I was little bit drunk already, so sorry for my face). In case somebody interested - top - newyorker (I think, not 100% sure, cause I bought it long ago), skirt - seppala, shoes - h&m.

Champagne! It was actually really nice evening, kinda the best party of university so far :) // Getting back home afterwards.

Song of the march :D And maybe april too :D // This is how mine and my bff days go by... I think I really really need to stop drinking...

Cooking dinner for one - myself. And it was really tasty! All types of vegetables cooked. // Lemon curd pie which was weird, but tasty.

Song of the month #2? Or just tune for car drives :D I kinda got to this style of music... // Bright donuts time.

Celebrating holidays beggining w my bff, sushies, blue lagoons and riverside. Sushi was not tasty though :( // Most beautiful tulips ♥

Walks near water are my favorite ♥ And this place as well.. // Bright nails and ripped jeans.

Making waffles for breakfast. // First rainbow in a year!
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