Sunday, March 29, 2015

recent haul

light brown bag // reserved

Finally found the perfect bag for spring! I'm a little bit afraid of the material though, because it looks like could be easily damaged, so I'll have to be extra safe, but other than that, can't wait for warmer days and finally being able to carry it w me!
black ripped jeans // new yorker
dark blue sweatpants // takko fashion
black leggings // lindex

Three pairs of pants - ripped jeans I've been craving for long (too bad not high waisted though), simple skinny sweatpants and leggings for sports (I'm still not in leggings=pants mood, too drastic for me).

taft volume hair lacquer // drogas
girlz only dry shampoo / eurokos
aussie miracle moist shampoo // rimi
rasa absolute repair system shampoo // maxima

Recently I've been going through "I hate my hair" phase, so bought few stuff which I hoped would help. The worst thing is that my hair became terribly lacking volume, even after washing, still oily, just no. So I changed into Rasa shampoo, and will see how it goes. Also tried Taft volume lacquer, even though can't really see the difference + it makes my hair sticky. And also decided to give a try to dry shampoos once again and not sure if this one works (I guess?), but it smells amazing, so + for that.

vaiva m eye cream // eurokos
rl de young sun powder (color 03 matt bronze) // drogas
l'oreal volume million lashes so couture mascara // gifted
l'oreal color riche nail polish (color 875 kimono empire) // gifted
l'oreal color riche nail polish (color 851 les blancs nouvelle vague ) // drogas
nailsystem nail polish (color s349) // drogas

I'm still not sure what eye creams do, but I just can't apply anything w color on my face, w/o applying eye cream first, so decided to try this one. It's lithuanian brand and my friend suggested to buy it, because "woman who's brand this is looks really great in her age" haha.

4 5

Sun powder for me works as bronzer and I bought it mostly because I wanted matt not orangy bronzer. It's matt, but kinda still too orange. Any good brown matt bronzers recommendations??


I got this L'oreal mascara as a gift, but I think I would have bought this one myself as well. I used to be a big fan of MaxFactor mascaras, and this one is my second one from L'oreal and I think I will be buying L'oreal ones more often! I love how my lashes look after applying it, but I'm not sure if it's mascara or my lashes, because recently they looked great w most mascaras haha. 
I used to hate L'oreal nail polishes, they had most amazing colors, but not quality, but I just couldn't resist... The dark one I got as a gift and it worked pretty good, so I decided to buy another one from L'oreal because I couldn't find color like this from any other brands. And I love it! Perfect pastel color and quality good so far. Maybe they change from time to time?
And white nail polish from cheap brand, because cheap ones usually works even better and I just really wanted white nail polish.

himalaya herbals face wash // drogas
rasa bb+hyaluronan face cream // drogas

Now here's not so funny story - my face type is probably mixed, though it's dry with traces of acne prone skin, well, just everything bad. So I'm still trying to find face wash which wouldn't dry my face too much, and I decided to try this one, I've read the label, everything I want. So I came back home, applied it, washed off and my skin felt so soft...after minute I couldn't move my face! It literally felt so tight! I applied tons of facial cream and it felt normal again and went to read label once again and to my surprise it's for normal to OILY skin. Apparently I don't know how to read :| Or I just got so used to having oily skin (I used to have it few years ago, now it changed somehow?).. Well now I need to search for another face wash and don't know what to do with this one..
As you might now I'm big fan of BB or CC creams instead of foundations, even though they don't work the same, but I don't really need that much of coverage. I've bought Manhattan one recently (I have mention that in my previous haul post) and I even wanted to put it in my favorites, but I can't even remember why! It's one of the worse BB creams I've ever used, I literally almost cried after applying it to my face when I needed to cover it w something and it was the only thing I had. I couldn't use it anymore, so I went to search for my all time favorite Eveline CC cream, which apparently are out of stock, I can't find it anywhere! So I decided to give a try to this one, because it looked the most like that Eveline one - not too thick (or heavy) as Manhattan (and Garnier, btw) one and easy to apply with only fingers. So I really really hope I won't change my mind and it will be good for longer time. 

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