Monday, February 16, 2015

My favorite spring'15 trends

Now then winter is almost over, time to plan spring outfits and look through new trends. I decided to show some of my favorite upcoming trends and can't wait to hear which ones are your favorites! :)


Untitled #147
I remember this trend being kinda popular few years ago and I did like it myself! Now I need to look through my closet to find my old shirtdresses and of course go shopping for new ones ;)

Three colors: yellow, white, military green.
Untitled #148
Even though I never been a big fan of yellow color (I mean I have two yellow clothing pieces, seriously) while looking through some yellow clothes I kept getting white shirt + yellow puffy skirt outfit in my head, I decided I need to give a try. And also my friend has yellow bag (similar to second from left in pic) and it looks nice w almost everything + adds really springish feeling, so I think, yellow is def color for this season. Let's not be all covered in it, but a detail is a must.

Untitled #149
As a fan of black color I probably argue w myself. But white is on this season and I wondered why not. Already craving those big white shoes (first from right in pic) and classic style shorts...

Untitled #150
Military green has been color for all seasons as long as I remember and stays for this one as well! I wasn't sure if I like it or not, but I think it's actually the one shade of green I can like and wear (it's the same situation as w yellow, I own like one green clothing piece...)

White with black; white with blue.
Untitled #151
White patterns mixed w black or blue is on and I think why not? Classic and simple.

Flats and sneakers.
Untitled #152
Even though I'm a big fan of heels, I'm kinda happy to say yes to flats this season. From classic and elegant flats to simple and comfortable sneakers.


Eyeliner eyeliner eyeliner!
Untitled #153
I know, I know. I've been talking and talking about eyeliners, but since I discovered how better I look w it, I'm happy to see it on this spring. Well, I'm not brave enough to wear it everyday yet, but for night out, why not!

Bright or dark lips.
Untitled #154
Another big love of mine... Last week me and my bff went on little beauty shopping and we couldn't decide if we want dark or bright lipstick. Since darks were in last autumn and winter, I thought it will be out this spring, but it stays! And brights joins as well, which I've been craving since I saw amazing really bright orange one in store. The one you see and think "omg, it would be a-ma-zing for festivals and stuff".

Sunkissed skin.
Untitled #155
As bronzer lover, I'm happy sunkissed skin stays in. I'm not saying being pale is bad, but life is better when you're tanned (or make yourself look like that w bronzers).

Baby soft nail polish.
Untitled #156
Leaving my black nail polish to autumn! I'm not sure if those colors would suit me, I'm usually dark or bright nails person, but I can't wait to try something new to me!

Untitled #157

And lastly, hair trend. Another thing I've been trying to wear more often, since I used to wear my hair down all the time. I really want to learn how to do waterfall braid properly on myself, let's set this as spring goal!

So here was few of my favorite trends for spring, tell me which one are your favorites? :)
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