Saturday, February 07, 2015

january memories

Watching basketball w my sis (we won, btw!) // Quick breakfast - granola bar and coffee

Burning my nail while trying to light up candle. I think totally normal for me, but still..terrible experience // Finally after craving pizza for week. making one at 10pm. I had exam next day, so I had to stay up anyway, and pizza was awesome.

Talks and food w my friends. // Eating this tasty (maybe little too sweet) thingy. It's nuts and dried cranberries in honey.

Catching up w my girls and having dinner at Soya. Well, not sure if I want to come back, food looked great, but wasn't that and also service...well, not that good. // I manage to grate my finger while grating carrots. Totally me once again.

My new favorite breakfast - toast w mashed banana (and pinch of cinnamon) // Probably song of a month. Highly recommend other songs of Bebe as well!

Nails of a month haha. But I honestly liked this manicure the most so far. // Pizza once again. It's just my favorite food, what can I do.. Hanging out w my bff before doing something which I don't want to reveal, but it was def event of the month (or even year, who knows..). 

Partying w some bright drinks, dark clubs and pizza at 4 am. 

Outfit of a day (more outfits soon to come!) while feeling springish (even though it was snowing the entire day) // Picking up some mail! 
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