Friday, January 30, 2015

recent haul

fluffy sweater // h&m

I wanted fluffy sweater for some time now, but none of them looked good enough to buy. This one is little bit too big, but I like it this way, big fluffy sweater! Whenever I wear it I call myself a cloud haha :))

cropp sweater // h&m

I finally decided to try it out. I know cropps are not for my body type, but this print made me buy it. I'm craving black high wasted ripped jeans right now, can only imagine how good it would look w this!

skirt // h&m

And finally found skirt that would look okay on me. Even though...I have no idea what is wrong w me. I keep buying too big clothes! This is too big and I saw it while trying on, but I though I would wear it w sweaters pull inside, so it would be okay, but it's still too big! I guess it's too late to go to store to change it, so I don't know I'll wear it the way it is I guess...

tshirt // new yorker

Never enough of simple tshirts, right? :)

sports bra // mariemeili

Since I'm so into yoga haha.

nivea wash off cleansing gel // prisma
aussie mega shampoo // drogas

I've finished my facial wash and wanted to try something new, but couldn't decide, so picked wash I've used twice before. I don't know if it should be like this, but everytime I put it on my face it burns a little :/ And for shampoo, I'm impressed w Aussie shampoo I was using, so decided to try another one as well :)

l'oreal skin perfection moisturiser // drogas
margarita face cream-gel // drogas

Two different budget type facial creams. I've tried both already and I think I like cheaper one more. I don't know if it was really cream, but after using L'oreal one couple times I got few pimples on my face, so decided not to use it anymore. While Margarita one seems pretty okay, and especially you need not much of it for entire face.

manhattan bb cream // maxima

My favorite CC cream is almost fully used, so needed new coverage. I decided not to use foundations anymore, since it feels too heavy on my skin and CC creams worked good so far. But instead of buying another bottle of one I was using, I decided to try Manhattan BB cream (that 9 in 1 thing bought me..). I haven't tried it yet, so can't tell if it's miracle worker or not.


And I have big hopes for it not to be orangy, but I guess all of those types of creams have to be like that...

tea tree spot stick // drogas

I have read a lot of things about tea tree treating spots, pimples and all types of those things, so decided to try it on myself. But I'm not so sure if it's really working though :/

eveline eyeliner pen // drogas

Finally bought myself black eyeliner! I had grey pencil one, and it's so different from this one. I decided to buy cheaper version to learn how to put it on my eyes (haha) and only then buy some fancy one. Good things about this one is how easy it is to apply (well, for my left eye, somehow right one always turns out worse) and how long it stays on. But I think I've used it all already and I've tried it like 5 times :/

golden rose nail art polish color 111 // drogas

My addiction to glitter nail polishes has only just begun.. This one is nail art, which is like second nail art polish for me, but I just had idea to do, so I've bought it. And I love it!

1 2
make up brushes // ebay

And for ending the most exciting thing! I only got this yesterday, while had to wait for a month or so... I decided to buy cheaper brushes before I've enough money for Zoeva ones and learn how to draw my face haha This contains 2 brushes for foundation (in my life for CC and BB creams) and 3 for blushes/ bronzers/ contouring. I have tried one brush so far and it's so soft! I really really hope they won't let me down (even though I don't have high expectations, I mean it's ebay..) and even if they will, they look so nice in black and gold, so whatever :D 
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