Friday, January 02, 2015

My year pt. 3


...traveled to my hometown 

35 sunburn in summer house (which faded like in a day)

36 to drive the best car so far


...started new school year and parted a lot i guess??


...celebrated friend's bday and tried jello shots


...drove another ford car, which wasn't as good as first one :/


...didn't even though this can happen irl. RIP to my sis phone



...joined yoga group, kinda happy w decision



...did all paper work for uni (couple sleepless nights, not a biggie)


... got ready for christmas

Aaaand that's it! It's been a big roller-coaster year, I think I will do december memories post soon, I'm still recovering after NY celebration, the worst in my life... Anyway, to sum up 2014 - I've made one of my biggest dreams come true, tried to make another one - didn't manage (fingers crossed for 2015!), I've learned a lot about people around me, a lot about me, I've met new people, to which I hope I'll be friends this year as well, I've tried new things, I've been laughing, crying, singing, dancing, sleeping and this and that. I have couple of resolutions for 2015, but I like to keep them to myself, I think it'll be easier for me to keep them up. The biggest thing is to be as positive as possible, I know I keep trying and trying and fail along the way, but it's better to fail and try again than not to try at all :)
So I wish happy new year to all of my readers, smile more this year, dance more this year and tell everyone you love, you love them :) 
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