Sunday, January 18, 2015

december memories


Christmas music and blogging // My addiction to greek yogurt reached another level. I ate it all in a week or so, but now it's a little bit too hard to look at it :/


Christmasy coffee for getting into christmas mood! (it was coffee w/ maple syrup taste or something like that) // Searching for christmas decorations.


Cooking cheese steaks (how it's called??) at home and it turned out pretty well! Now I have another specialty haha // Because one candle is not enough. But it felt so cozy!


Early morning breakfast // Baby clothes shopping. Everything is so cute!


First (and only?) christmas presents from my friends.


Doing paperwork and getting so jelly of little one sleeping :( // Getting ready to work as MUA. I honestly don't know why I have so much stuff.


Getting ready for a party I didn't want to attend. Well, at least I had a chance to wear eyeliner! // Late night drives


Exchanging money and saying goodbye to our currency. I'll miss those guys :(


Christmas morning at summerhouse // Drinking real (!) champagne for second christmas day dinner. I've tried real champagne before while visiting France, so this wasn't that big deal and honestly, it's not that special haha


New years memories. Finding marks of how many shots I took, experimenting w drinks (never ever I am drinking cherry vodka and herb vodka together or not together, any way again, nope) and selfies before passing out. 
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