Friday, January 02, 2015

christmas bits


I think my blogging motto should be "better late than never" haha. Now that all of this holiday fuss is over I decided to share some of my christmas bits. As I've mentioned earlier, this year I spent Christmas eve at my grandma's and later went to my aunt's (to my home town and I literally wanted to tweet "coming home for christmas" and I realized I don't live there yet, ahh). We had really cozy christmas eve eating all of 12 dishes and drinking my favorite cranberry drink, talking and just enjoying seeing each other. On other days I saw my cousin's families, their little babies and once again enjoyed holidays. Of course I was happy to be back at home, but coming home meant end of holidays and having my exams session :( First exam on monday and I need to be learning, but all I want to do is watch movies and sleep :( Oh well, thank you for good holidays, see you next time!

^I've bought this cute candle in Thomas Phillips store and I costed around 1-2 euros, so cheap! It also smells nice and burns really long, highly recommended!

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^my festive mani made by me. I'm obsessed w glitter nail polishes, why it's so hard to remove it? :((

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^decorations in my summer house town. It's really small town and they still decorate it every year!

^we also had little snow on christmas and of course we didn't earlier and I left w my autumn boots.. Good thing my feet are not that sensitive to cold.

10 11 
^ Vilnius...

crop sweater - h&m // skirt - h&m

^my christmas outfit! All things will be featured to my new in's post soon!

How was your holidays? :)
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