Saturday, December 06, 2014

november memories

Frozen yogurt w my bff after spending amazing evening w her. // And 5 of my favorite things: my bff, driving, driving at night, night and lights  

Me and three of my friends actually skipped class for this - latte and some sort of cake. Also we planned party which we didn't even attended. But oh well, girly time > classes. // My favorite Kinder chocolate!

My birthday morning. I didn't blog at all about my birthday, I don't want to, I really really hope one day I will forget the entire day :) Some good memories - my friends picking me up and driving to one of my favorites places, later going for coffee and ice cream to McDonalds....

....and ending day w my family watching old (year 94) videos of us. I don't want to share anything else of that day. As bad as it sounds, I want to erase my 21st birthday. // Working on ads with my friend haha. Okay, so we had this project, to create ad for one alcoholic drink, so we decided that we need to drink that drink to create something :D Later we had sushi, banana muffins and hot wine....and I also spent 8 hours on photoshop creating that ad.

Going home and seeing christmas decorations on street for the first time. Doesn't look that amazing, right? But the whole city looks cozy :) // Selfie before uni.

Yoga time! So, yup, this month I decided to start yoga to improve my mental and physical health. So far not much changes, but it's only the begging :) // Going to yoga and enjoying night lights.

After yoga snack - greek yogurt w honey. Today I bought 1 kilo of greek yogurt, so you might see how addicted I am. // This is how our friday afternoon looks like! Spring rolls, banana in caramel (and some sort of wrap?) and hot vodka (in lithuania we call it karštos devynerios, I think other countries don't really have this drink, it's like hot red grape juice with herb vodka).

Once again, wondering through night city and going to see city christmas tree. There was a lot of comments on it, I personally think it's beautiful, but I need tree. Real christmas tree. Like between those white clouds. But yeah, otherwise, it's original for sure :)
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