Friday, December 12, 2014

L'occitane heaven


L'occitane is one of those beauty stores I'd recommend to anyone - you can find millions of different scent creams, balms, lotions and even home scents...I mean I don't even know where to start. And also, it's one of my favorite stores before some kind of celebrations - this time Christmas. I think you would easily found gift for any women (or men!) there and of course, I'm pretty sure you would buy something for yourself as well ;) (it's too hard to conquer the temptation!)


Well, this time everything I've bought is for myself (oops). I think cashier found it surprising, cause after telling her that I don't need it to be wrapped as present for someone else, she asked again am I really buying everything for myself haha

Shea Ultra Soft Vanilla body cream // 19,98€

I just had to buy this, even though I still have 3 body lotions at home, scent bought me immediately. Haven't tried it yet, so can't say how it feels, but I think I'll write review or something soon ;)

Frisson Verbena hand cream gel and Cherry Blossom Petal-Soft hand cream // Both at the same price 7,53

Once again, both scent (even though I like green one more) bought me, but it also really good for winter time :)

Shea Zesty Lime lip balm // 7,53

I wanted some new lip balm, since I couldn't find the one who wouldn't dry my lips and also protect them during winter time. Hopefully I won't regret this one!

Have you ever bought anything from L'occitane? What's your favorite product from it? :)
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