Sunday, November 23, 2014

last friday morning

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Hi hi hello!
I wanted to write something here this entire week, but I've been so busy that I only found time right now.
My last week in few sentences: On monday I got drunk by 3pm and later spend 8 hours creating new ads for one alcoholic drink, which probably won't be published. I went to sleep around 3am and had to wake up early. Spoiler alert: by the end of the week I had 23 hours sleep deficit. On tuesday I skipped yoga, because I wanted to sleep, I left uni at 4pm and also had some work to do for wednesday. On wednesday I managed to wake up at 6am, not fall asleep during lecture, pass exam, meet and have a good time with my girls. On thursday I woke up earlier than I had because of enormous pain in my big toe. I still don't know what that was, I cried while going to uni, because forgot to take any meds and literally couldn't walk. After spending 30 mins in uni I went home and the moment I walked in home pain stopped. I went to yoga practise after taking more medications and to my surprise it went fine, even easily. And I also went to sleep around 2am, cause I had another project for uni to do. On friday I woke up at 6am to go to dentist where I spent literally 5 minutes, cause there was nothing to do. I went with the thoughts of huge pain caused by fixing my teeth, apparently there was nothing to fix. And we also had first normal snow (it started in wednesday, but bigger snow storm was on friday) and I was kinda happy, because I like to watch snow falling, but not so funny to be outside and have snow on your face... And well, yesterday I went shopping, ended day with huge headache and waking up today at midday.
So yeah, this is few sentences :D I will add more photos from all of this on my november memories, only one week left!
How was your week? :)

Sunday, November 02, 2014

last months

Traveling with train for the first time in maybe 5 years... Still not a big fan haha // Selfie before going to the beach. I miss summer so much, feels so weird to see the amount of clothes I wore, right now I'm siting with hoodie, leggings and warm blanket :/ 
Spending night near the lake. Can't really see anything, well, it was dark night haha // Trying some sort of pineapple & grapefruit beer. I had one thing to celebrate, so why not :)
Walking at evening and admiring the view. // And this happened. I tried my shoes once again, had huuuge blisters and wounds on both of my feet. I wish new shoes would fit perfect the moment you buy them :(
Trying new milka. Don't remember if I liked it or not, probably will have to try again haha. // This is how my summer morning at home looks like: messy sheets (two blankets! Must have been cold), computer and cup of tea. 


Breakfast new year of school style. // Trying mint chocolate chip ice cream. Felt like chewing ice cold gum. 
Having really bad health day and having to sit through lecture. Big cup of tea helped a lot (not to mention it matched my notebook haha). // :o Been seeing a lot of Porsche's lately, I think it's a sign :D
The best car I've ever drove (I've drove 4 cars in my life) I miss it so much!! :( // Newest fashion trend live from local shoes shop! I literally thought they don't exist anymore, I was wrong. Oh, and it fitted!
Friends gifts from visiting Latvia. // Bruise from nowhere. I've been getting a lot of those lately :/
One evening walking through city old town with my sis, talking, drinking tea and just having good time.
Little secret about me: I don't straighten my hair, I don't even own a straightener and I only have straighten it once (properly). Last month me and my friends had this weird party for no actual reason and my friend decided I need to straighten my hair - so here's the results haha. It doesn't look that different from my normal everyday hair, but I'm actually thinking about buying straightener and doing this more often. // Party essentials. We planned to have scary movie night, but we couldn't watch the movie, we kept talking and stalking people on facebook :D The night ended in one of local club, getting dehydrated and too sleepy to walk back home. But it was a good day, lots of funny memories to remember :)
Aaaand if you didn't know, I'm a cats person. This little one my friend's cat is the cutiest one. The second pic was taken in the morning after that party I mentioned before, even though my friend kept claiming her cat always sleeps together the entire night, I didn't slept that night and can confirm she only get to bed the minute my friend woke up haha

Coming home after friends birthday (on Thursday, while having to wake up at 6am next morning, after having rum cocktails and jello shots). // Tiny get-together at summerhouse 
Driving to pick up my sis at night style! Don't worry, I don't really wear sweats and/or Uggs outside, but it was late friday night, nobody saw me anyway haha // Song of the month, for sure! I'm a big fan of Twenty One Pilots, can't believe I didn't like this song before
Having to deal with cold. Thank God now we have heating on, even though I still have a blanket on. I guess I'm not a cold person. // I know I'm not the only one who gets all excited when gets notice from post, right?
German snacks and Milka with chips which we don't have in Lithuania yet. As you might see, I'm a big fan of trying new Milkas haha
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